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Terms of Service


  • Purchases through our online store come with a strict non-refundable policy.
    In the event of attempts to bypass our refund policy via filling a dispute with paypal and/or your credit card company,
    your access to our network and possibly anything related (website, store, teamspeak, game server) will be revoked.
  • Getting banned from the game or losing items after receiving them does not entitle the customer to a refund.
  • Item values and stats are subject to change and are not a valid reason for a refund.


  • You are not allowed to chargeback/dispute a purchase. If you do, you will be immediately banned
    and paypal will be notified you agreed to these terms of service.
  • Additionally, you acknowledge that any Discord or in-game conversation can be used as proof
    in the case of a dispute/chargeback.
  • You also agree that any data, logs, or proof we hold within our game under your username
    can be used in the case of a dispute/chargeback.