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Eazy Money By Bobby

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 lets say youve worked a little at ::train or followed the starter guide

1) first things first, This small guide will help you achieve what you could  work rowards after beginning game.

2) before starting this small guide you might want to have atleast a golden minigun or better

3) starting to work towards getting a weapon to do lower in custom slayer/medium slayer is very easy to achieve. this might take a little bit of grinding. but at most a few hours and your good to go! this is what we are aiming to do after this small guide.

Step 1) To start you should look at the quest tab> look for the settings cog at the top right> find npc tasks/starter tasks.





Step) 2 try to accomplish a few of the npc tasks such as- dark squalls-untouchables-blood hounds.these three npc tasks will reward you with a couple of items to sell to the 1 b shop, aswell as you will be getting a couple drops along the way.  also keep in mind that you should also go kill 100 ganodormic warlocks. This will come in handy for another part in the guide.



Step 3) after accomplishing those couple npc tasks/ kill requirments you will want to head over to an npc called "glod" who is found under bosses                                          image.png.c24a36fe9cce6edacd4d6b193e90dd22.png

Here you will be killing 100 of these as another extra npc task. killing 100 of these rewards you with a limey bow which can be sold for 1-1.5t. People buy these limey bows due to them being able to upgrade into a 10$ bond. as a new comer 1.5t can go a long way, but i recommend saving up 10t befor spending any money! 

Step 4) After getting a limey bow and selling it for 1-1.5t after accomplishing a couple npc tasks you will have an okay money stack coming along, KEEP SAVING! the next step is to accomplish starter tasks. Starter tasks reward you with a free 5$ bond which is just another 7t+ going into your stack.

the starter tasks reward you with great items on completion as seen below.


these few tasks are fairly easy but a little time consuming, but thats all worth it in the end. 

after accomplishing the starter tasks/couple npc tasks you will have made a little more then 10t!

10t+ can get you a set of crimson pernix as well as a rainbow minigun!


Step 5) take some dragon kin lamps found in your mystery boxes and get you 99 slayer, also do ::changebravek to start doing custom slayer after getting 99, then your on the grind to better gear.slayer is a huge source of income for the eco. 

Any questions oin slayer just pm me or any staff online we will be happy to help you start that grind!!!!!!

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