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2023 Christmas Update and Donor boss buffs

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Welcome to the latest update for Athens. In this update we are focusing on the XMAS Event along with updating all the Donor Boss Drop Tables to something to suit the current level of the game. 

XMAS Event:

There are 3 portions of this event:


Afk area

You can get there by going to the minigame teleports or type ::santa

The afk area gives you 2 new resources to collect from.  They both give comparable afk points to the afk tree I, the ice chunks give you a chance at E keys and the trees give you a chance at E crystals.  They also give you snowballs that can be donated to the snow man at the afk area.  Once the server donates 5k snowballs the Winter mass boss will spawn.





Protect Santa Minigame

You will have to talk to Santa at the afk area.  He will teleport you to a cleared-out area.  The goal is to protect Santa while he collects presents from the Christmas tree and drops them off at the sleigh.  Imps will spawn and try to kill Santa; they will also rise in tiers progressively over the five minutes you have to protect him for.

You will be awarded presents throughout the minigame and on completion.

Loot from presents



Mass boss

As mentioned before the Mass boss is spawned by donating 5k snowballs.  It will also spawn every 1 hour.


Drop Table


Abominable Snowman pet will have hybrid stats of 32% all damage and 550% DR




New tier 16 Xmas gear

With Icy Bow


With Icy Staff


With Candy Cane Scythe


All donor bosses have been buffed.  Along with that a new Typhon boss has been added.
Spartan Boss:
Hero Boss:
Legend Boss:


Monarch Boss:
Demi Boss:
Brand New Typhon Boss:

QOL Changes:

-Owner Dart Packs only require 2 inventory spaces to open now.


Lastly, we know the poll stated massbosses in general.  We will be touching up the remaining mass bosses in the next update.  Thank you for your continued support and Happy Holidays everyone!


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