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Quality Of Life + Season Pass Update

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Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be focusing on a massive quality of life update.



-Reduced the task amount for beginner slayer.
- Buffed fishing rod drop rate for hero & legend fishing spot.
-Void selections changed to 25k each at the Niles store.
-Forge for damage tokens has been changed from 1x to 10x

- Removed drachma announcements from telos box
- Removed 2x treasure crystal announcement from all bosses
- Removed drop announcements from justiciar, incursio, tectonic & angelic warriors.
- Added a banker at the starter zone.
-Allow the 7ds materials to be looted to the currency bag
-Added Escanor accessories to the Accessories Grinder
-Removed Bolts, Dragon Bones and the coin stack on a new account
-The Kickstarter box will now have 100 Hero Swordfish in it when starting a new account
-Kickstarter box timer has been reduced from 1 hour to 15 minutes to open for new accounts
-The owner chest will now take 100 darts per chest instead of 10.
-Added the slayer boss key fragments to be looted to the currency bag
-Added an examine to the Slaughter and Exp bracelets to describe what they are for.
-Adjusted item upgrade chance for T6 equipment from 25% to 50%
-Fixed a bug with item upgrades for vorkath, kril, zammy legs giving incorrect sin parts
-Changed the upgrade chance from omni pieces from 5% to 25% to receive a Sin Frag

New Season Boss will be a Turkey



New Customs Added -

Icy Scythe


Ornate Crossbow


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