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FFA Pvm Event, Season Pass Boss,

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Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be introducing a revamped Free For All Event, alongside this months version of the season pass superiors.

Free For All Event
Free for all will be the first wave of our PVP related content releases.  This event will be started by staff.  We will have three different gear set ups, these include dharok, pure & hybrid. Below are the screenshots of the gear set ups.

Hybrid setup



Dh setup




Pure setup




How it works

Once the event is started type ::ffa

- Once you have done that you will be moved to the waiting area.  After 2 or more people have joined the event will start in 50 seconds.

- Then you fight to the death! 

*If you don't move within 20 seconds you will be kicked from the event*

- The winner of a fight will have their spec, stats and inventory replenished for the next fight.

- If you are the last alive you will be awarded with 5m cash or more depending on the staff running the event.


Season Pass Npcs


This month will be the month of the chickens.  The undead chicken and giant chickens will be the superiors for this months pass.



This seasons icon will be an ear of corn.





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