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Escanor Acessories + Set Bonus, 7DS Box, Donator Casket Changes & QOL

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Welcome to the latest instalment of updates to Athens. In this update we will be introducing Escanor Accessories along side set bonuses + Changes to Amythest/ Diamond caskets along with a brand new 7DS Box + other quality of life update.

Escanor Acessories

You will be able to get these accessories from Escanor selectors, below is the screenshot of the stats + the set bonuses they give.



7DS Boxes

 We have now added 7ds boxes into the game the way you are able to obtain them is through the forge at ::upgrade.


You can find potential rewards for the new 7DS Box in the possible Loot Interface:


Donator Casket Changes

We have made large improvements to both Amythest & Diamond caskets.

Loot for both caskets can be found below:


Amythest Casket


Diamond Casket


QOL Changes
Changed base loot for Chestrush Minigame

Old Chestrush Minigame:


New Chest Rush Minigame Loot:


Changed base loot for vote Minigame

Old Vote Minigame:


New Vote Minigame Loot:

You can now convert GWD key halves into the opposite key half at a rate of 2-1.
You may also now make 3 of the same key half into a full key at a rate of 3-1.



Bug Fixes:
Fixed an issue with Elizabeth's respawns for all difficulties.

Fixed an Issue with Fight Caves Saving. Slightly nerfed melee NPC's Inside the cave.
Fight Caves Jad will now have correct intervals between animations.

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