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Hello Athens,

It has been quite some time since the last Dev-Status Update. I Wish to reach out to all of my fellow athenians both old/returning players as well as new players, You won't want to miss this announcement! So strap in and get ready for one of the most exciting Dev-Blogs Athens has had the pleasure to offer! Some points to address before delving into the juicy stuff!

Athens has been around for a little over 3 years with well over 27,000 + accounts created.

 The Athens Community Is one of the most dedicated/hard working communities that I have had the pleasure of Scaping/Playing with. You guys are amazing and without you guys none of this would even be possible! I just want to say a big thanks to YOU for making this possible.

The amount of love I hold for this server is indescribable. Over the last few months we here at Athens have made leaps and bounds with the content we offer as well as maintaining regular updates. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do with a custom server such as Athens.

Dev Team has been breaking new ground with potential additions of but not limited to:


Section 1.

Section 2.


Section 3.

While we aim to maintain updates and push to provide new content we have noticed a decline in retention rate with players. We believe this to be the result of a very long lasting economy but fear not. We have an all together brilliant idea on how we can mitigate newer players feeling like they are way too far behind to even start. As well as allowing returning players a chance to catch up with all that has happened throughout the years.


Concept: An option between 2 worlds when you open the client.
World 1: Same Athens you and I know to love let's call this Main Game.
World 2: Fresh Start World! The Idea behind this world being that you will start on a brand new account and so will everyone else. Here's the twist: this world will only last for 3 months! At the end of the duration of the 3 months all of the accounts created will be transferred over to Main Game. This world will have strong bonuses unlike anything Athens has ever seen before. The intention of this is to fast track players while allowing them to still experience the game fully. (Note: any of the bonuses we allow on this world will stack with both Custom Well and HappyHour Well bonuses as well as 100% dr scrolls 2hr and 2x drops scroll 2hr. These bonuses are not finalized in any way and may be discussed with the community as well as the Staff/Content team and at any point are subject to change prior to release.)

Execution: This will require a lot of hard work and dedication from our end however, we are confident we can deliver a Unique take on Fresh Start Worlds with an almost Leagues like twist where the bonuses help you progress much quicker than Main Game would allow. We are prepared to push a large sum of finances into advertising and campaigning for this and we expect it to be a huge success after speaking with people from the community about the issues Athens is currently facing. We are also willing to dedicate more man hours into the pursuit of this goal with the addition of 2 new Developers on our team and Content Team working diligently to plan out the course of these events. 

Feedback: In order for this to be a success we need your feedback in our discord will be a feedback forum we encourage any and all to fill out. There will be various polls throughout as well as rewards for Honest feedback whether negative or positive. Rewards are only for those who put thought and effort into our feedback forum. If you have any feedback please be sure to include as much detail as possible in your statements as to ensure quality discussion amongst the staff team to get these thoughts into a discussion. Rewards Will be as follows:
1.) Owner dart 20x Bundle, 60x (e) Treasure Key Bundle, 1x Gold Casket.

Incentive: The new world will offer such benefits that it almost would not make sense even as a current player to not make an alt account and play for the duration of the 3 months. Rewards for participation in world 2 Fresh Start World are still up for discussion let us know what you would like to see. Ideas for an inventory boost that gives some amount of drop rate, dr cap extension, or damage boosts but not limited to just one (this inventory item will transfer to the main game and will be untradable). To accompany a possible “Athens Relic Boost” you would be given an in-game title as well, only for people who have participated in Fresh Start Worlds.

Rules for the Event:

1.) All Rules From World 1 Athens Still Apply to World 2 Fresh Start World.


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Section 1.) The Return of FFA! Yes you read that correctly the long beloved PvP minigame everyone has been dying to see come back to Athens. Shaking up the vibe with a bit of PvP action FFA making a long awaited return back to our Server. (Rewards/Rules still pending…)

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Section 2.) The Introduction of long awaited Presets.This will allow players to wander from activity to activity a bit more freely. Some of our activities we have to offer on athens can be a bit taxing on the inventory management at times. With so many Items in the game it can be a bit overwhelming at times to navigate your bank when jumping from slayer to slayer, or minigames Etc. However with the introduction of the Preset system you will be able to assign an inventory and gear selection to an option on most bankers/bank booths throughout Athens.

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Section 3.) An entirely new system of defense that would allow your tier of gear having a chance of mitigating special attack damage dealt by NPCS. (This would be dependent on the tier of gear you are wearing. The higher the tier of gear the more likely you are going to ignore/mitigate any damage dealt to you from an NPCS special attack specifically. As of right now NPC special attacks ignore defensive bonuses and armor stats.)

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WOW well that is alot to take in for sure. The idea of creating a fresh world for 3 months that merges with the main game is a great idea, I've wanted to try starting out on a new account for sometime to experience things differently and this opens up a whole lot more then what I would expect.

Can't remember much about the FFA events, could have been sometime while I wasn't too active but none the less it sounds like quite the fun event to hold.

Lastly the defense buff seems absolutely great, Being in Elizabeth working towards full sara has been quite the grind alone, so getting into more nex raids etc with some more defensive ability would be lovely.

I personally don't stay on a server because staff spoils me, I get free bonuses/rewards, or it's super easy to progress. I stay around because I know the people in the background care and the community is something I like to take part in time to time. So thanks for sticking around and making this one of my favorites.

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