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Normal Slayer Dungeon and Season pass 3

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Welcome to the latest update for Athens!

In this update, we are going to focus on a brand-new Slayer Dungeon plus an overall refresh to Normal Slayer, and a new Pass Boss and Season Pass update!


Slayer Dungeon

There is a brand-new Slayer Dungeon that we will be working on filling out over the next few updates. Our goal here is to have a new way to interact with each of the different slayer types in a new and fun way. The slayer dungeon will hold all of the normal slayer NPCs for that slayer type, and some new faces too! There will also be a new point system and shop for killing your tasks in this new zone.



You may notice some new and different items in the shop and inventory above. We will talk about these in just a moment.


There are a few ways to get to the new Slayer Dungeon. There is a teleport for the Slayer Dungeon in the teleports menu (Control + T). You can also type ::normdung to teleport directly to the dungeon. We have anticipated a large number of people utilizing this new dungeon, and have added two additional instances of the dungeon at ::normdung2 and ::normdung3. Happy Hunting!



Once you arrive at the dungeon, you will need to select your Slayer Master from the Slayer Skill interface. Any task from their respective master can be completed either outside or inside the dungeon, but only NPCs killed in the dungeon will give you slayer points. Also, you can only attack monsters in the dungeon for the task you are currently on. you may ask, what can you use these new points for?

Slayer Dungeon Shop:


Let's start first with the new items from the shop!


10% Slayer Damage (S)

Cost: 1500 Normal Slayer Dung points

Effect: Grants 10% increased damage on slayer task for 10 minutes



100% Slayer Droprate (S)

Cost: 1500 Normal Slayer Dung point

Effect: Grant 100 points of Droprate on the slayer task for 10 minutes



Slayer Unlock (T7)

Cost: 15,000 Normal Slayer Dung points

Effect: A one-time use item, this grant access to the Tier 7 Slayer Dungeon-specific NPC Athens Ranger (more on him later)



Slayer Unlock (T8)

Cost: 20,000 Normal Slayer Dung points

Effect: A one-time use item, this grant access to the Tier 8 Slayer Dungeon-specific NPC Sagittare (more on him later)



Slaughter Buff

Cost: 1000 Normal Slayer Dung point

Effect: A new inventory item that has a 20% chance to speed up your slayer task, giving you double credit on kill. This buff has a toggle on and off feature to use as desired for undesirable tasks.



Expedious Buff

Cost: 1000 Normal Slayer Dung point

Effect: A new consumable item that has a 20% chance to slow down your slayer task, saving one additional kill count. This buff has a toggle on and off feature to use as desired for desirable tasks.


Vannaka Slayer Shop:

Old shop:


New shop:


You can see that we've also added the same Slayer Damage and Slayer Droprate consumable items to the regular Vanakka shop. We also adjusted the price of almost every item in the shop. Most items received a 5-10% discount, with some items receiving up to a 50% discount. No items have increased in cost.


New NPCs:

As mentioned previously, we have added two new NPCs unique to the Slayer Dungeon. To unlock these two new bosses, you must first purchase their respective tokens from the Regular Slayer Dungeon shop. You must also have up to that tier unlocked for Slayer tasks as well.

Athens Ranger (T7)




Sagittare (T8)




Good luck with killing these new Slayer Dungeon-specific NPCs! There is also a rumor floating around that you may sometimes find some random key pieces, be on the lookout for those, you'll need them later on!


Updated NPCs:

The first objective was to touch on some early NPCs that felt a bit lackluster and bring their drop tables so we buffed the existing drops or added new gear to help with progression through the early game.  We also wanted to improve the loot from normal Slayer Boxes and touched up the Drop Table on the normal Slayer Superiors.

These buffs encompass tier 0 - tier 6 normal slayer NPCs including the darklord and overlord token shops.

(New Superior Drop Table)



How The Dungeon Works

You can get to the new dungeon through the monster teleports.

You can also get there by typing ::normdung ::normdung2 or ::normdung3


Once you are there you are greeted by Vannaka and the wise old man, who has the new dungeon shop as shown above.



-You can only kill NPC in the dungeon when you have them as a task.

- Each kill will give you one Normal Slayer Dungeon point per NPC tier of the monster you kill, kill a tier 5 NPC and get 5 points for example.  These points can be viewed under the green tab in the quest tab.


- You will also have a chance at getting a slayer key part 1 as a random drop in the dungeon only.  These will be used for a boss at a new boss at a later date!!


Season pass


Season 3 time has come, this season will be Easter themed, and on top of that, the pass boss will drop new damage and drop rate tokens on top of its existing drop table.




Owner Harpoon

The owner harpoon will be the new Bis fishing equipment, the harpoon will have a 10% chance to cook your food when you fish it.  The Owner Harpoon will share the same doubling effect that the Demi Harpoon has.  

You will be able to get this harpoon by having the Demi Harpoon in your inventory or toolbelt.  It will be a 1/20k chance of getting the Owner Harpoon.




QOL & Bug Fixes:

-Vorkath is now aggressive

- ::commands has been updated

- Nex will no longer walk around the map, unless you stand underneath her

- t15/16 dr set bonuses have been fixed

- added ::zi ::nex ::telos ::rago ::blood ::hope commands

- Elite gwar bosses slayer task amount has been reduced to 5-10

- solo iron NPC tasks have been increased to 100-200

- Fixed a bug with the Tectonic selection

- med and easy boxes have been buffed

- The damage cap of mass bosses has been increased.

- The Overlord cape is now t5 and gives 5% all damage

- 7ds pets have been added to the 1t shop

- The Telos unlimited prayer scrolls have been added to the 1t shop

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