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Magister Boss and New BIS Shield

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Hello and welcome to our latest update post!  In this update we have added a new mass boss, the Magister, this will be a farmable mass boss.  We also added 6 new shields t5-t15!  To top it all off all 2 handed weapons will be able to wield shields.


Magister Boss

You will be able to get to Magister by typing ::magisterboss


The Magister is a mass boss that will be farmable, it will respawn 15 seconds after death.  You will be able to kill Magister in nearly any gear, tier 5 and up is recommended.  


Magister's Mechanics

-The Magister is unlike any of our other bosses, it has different tiered rewards depending on the damage you can do this will be covered in the possible loot section further down.

-The Magister will ignore all player damage modifiers such as double damage prayer scrolls etc... so everyone is on a more even playing field.


Magister's Possible Loot

1-9,999 damage you will get a tier 5 key

*All of these damage thresholds are based off of 10x damage*

T5 key Loot



10,000-99,999 damage you will get a tier 7 key

T7 key Loot



100,000-999,999 damage you will get a tier 9 key

T9 key Loot



1,000,000-3,999,999 damage you will get a tier 11 key

T11 key Loot



4,000,000-8,999,999 damage you will get a tier 13 key

T13 key Loot



Above 9 million damage you will get a tier 15 key

T15 key Loot



New Shields and Shield Mechanics

Along with the new shields we have made it so all 2h weapons will be able to use shields.  The shields will not display if you have a 2h weapon, but it will give you all of the benefits of having a shield equipped. 




Shield Stats and Making the Sheilds

To make the shield you will need to use any of the 5 Attachments onto a Base Shield.


In order to detach the shield from the base simply use a cleaning cloth on the full shield.



T5 shield stats


T7 shield stats


T9 shield stats


T11 shield stats


T13 shield stats


T15 shield stats


Miscellaneous changes

- The bug with multiple set bonuses not stacking has been fixed.  You should be seeing a slight increase in your damage.

- The Winter boss' damage cap is adjusted so players will have more time to get to the Mass boss.


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