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Removal of POS price and Winter Event

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Hello and welcome to our latest update post!


POS Price 

That's right the POS price is being removed, you will still be able to use the ::posprice [items name] command as a price guide, but it will no longer restrict your POS experience.


Winter Event

Just like the Summer Event, we will now have Winter Superiors spawning around Athens and a Winter mass boss that will spawn every hour.  The drop tables have been buffed up since the summer event, the base drops are much more rewarding, and the armor/weapons have been upped to tier 14! 


We have also added some new seasonal boosts that will stack along with the existing boosts in-game, the drop tables below show the different kinds of boosts you can expect to get. 


Superior Drop table

*Each of the three Superior types have the same drop table*


Winter Mass Boss

As mentioned above the Mass boss will be on an hour timer, we will also spawn mass bosses throughout the event as a thank-you for playing all these years.  

The Mass boss will drop a Winter Pet selector, which will give you a choice of a melee, range, or mage Winter Pet, these will give 25% to their respective combat styles and 250% DR.  It will also drop a weapon selector which contains a: melee/mage/range weapons, and a new shield, the Winter Defender.  All Weapons will also be T14.





Seasonal Gear

Winter Pets

Winter Warrior



Winter Mage



Winter Ranger




Winter Gear

Winter Warrior Set

*Winter Defender Included in Stats*



Winter Mage Set

*Winter Defender Included in Stats*



Winter Ranger Set

Winter Bow is two-handed so you will not be able to use the Winter Defender.




Magma +

We have added a new T11 set of armor to help bridge the gap between the Omni Bosses and Hephaestus without having to go to raids.  You can make Magma + by using an Omni equivalent item on a Magma item.


*Note the Slayer helm cannot be made into T11*


Miscellaneous changes

- Boss of the day will now give a 5% damage boost.

-Relic 7ds tokens can now be used on t13 7ds weapons

-Vind boots have been added to Elite Slot boxes possible loot

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