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ChromeBook Support...?

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So i own a Chromebook, and it was pretty damn difficult just to get Java installed on it just so i can play .Jar games. that being said i was pretty disappointed to discover after i downloaded this P server that a lot of the features don't even work on my laptop...I'm not sure why this is but it really puts a damper on my in game progress and my ability to enjoy this server the way it was meant to be. The Teleport menu, & the Control+T commands do not work, same thing for the Grinder, The forge & upgrade things, As well as the invention table at home... i'm pretty sure there are more features i'm unable to use on Chromebook as well i just haven't been able to fully explore the game yet. This all being said I'm curious as to what can be done to rectify these unfortunate issues as i'm almost positive i'm not the only person who uses a Chromebook & or Chrome OS, and at the end of the day i feel as if a few small tweaks to the game could be implemented such as a Teleport Npc possibly? I'm not sure how one would fix the other issues i stated above but maybe everyone else who reads this could help come up with some solutions? I really really like this server and would love to see this issues resolved for myself as well as any future Chromebook users that decide to download Athens and give the server a shot. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys, hopefully this reaches the right people so that something gets done about it.

The attached screen shot is what happens when i try to use the Teleport button by mini-map... ?


-Valkari the Alaskan

Screenshot 2022-10-18 3.28.46 PM.png

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From my experience with my old Chromebook, you're fairly lucky to have made it this far tbh.. most people cant even get java installed letalone get comfy enough to reailse where the QoL features are missing.. I don't know if this would work for sure, but in the settings you can turn the F keys on and off, maybe when they're functioning as Fkeys and not as chromebook shortcuts, the keyboard might allow you to do the Ctrl+T etc? Or maybe try using a program to remap your 'control' key into.. well.. a 'ctrl' key? Idk, just some ideas

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