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Boss Slayer Update

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Hello and welcome to our latest update post!


Boss Slayer 

 Boss Slayer has been updated with a new superior drop table, slayer boxes, and points (AKA Elite Points).


Elite Points

Elite points will be the new points you will earn from killing superiors, Elite Slayer Point Tickets, and completing Boss Slayer tasks.  You can use these points to block/cancel tasks and purchase items from Sumona's new Elite Slayer Store.



Elite Slayer Tickets

Elite Slayer Tickets will be dropped from Elite Slayer Superiors and Elite Boxes.  These tickets will give you a random number of Elite points from 50-250



Elite Slayer Boxes

Elite Slayer Boxes will be dropped from superiors, random drops while killing your assigned task, and task streaks.  These boxes will be rare but well worth it with their possible loot.  The rate for the Ovl Gem rate has been buffed along with the new boxes.  We have new items like the Boss Slayer Skip, Cancel, and Extend Scrolls.




Elite Slayer Superior

Elite Slayer Superiors will spawn while killing NPCs assigned by Sumona.



Skeletal Cerberus

Skeletal Cerberus is a tier 9 NPC (Easy) or a tier 10 NPC (hard mode).  It can be unlocked by buying the Magma Scroll for 80,000 Elite Slayer Points 


Skeletal Cerberus will drop a new tier 10 slayer armor set.

Magma Set

*Note you will be able to attach an Icy Santa to the Magma Slayer Helm*



You will be able to make the Magma Set by forging a Magma Crystal and the Vindictive equivalent piece (Example Vindictive ring for Magma Ring)

Box Box

If open, the Box Box will act as a looting bag to collect your box drops such as Hard Box, Medium Box, Easy Box, all slayer boxes, and Limey Boxes.  You will be able to obtain this through Elite Slayer Boxes.



Slayer Shop Changes

The Normal and Prestige Slayer shops have been tweaked along with the Elite Slayer Shop.












Vulcan Set Changes

The Vulcan set bonus has been changed to have an additional slayer damage bonus on top of its damage bonus



Summer Event

We have something a little different for you this summer.  Summer superiors have been added to the game, these superiors will spawn randomly after killing any NPC in the game, they will also spawn as a random color that will drop their respective Beach Bum sets, these items from the summer NPCs are all tier 13.  Along with the superiors, there will be a mass boss that will spawn periodically. 


Superior Drop table


Summer Mass Boss




Customs Being Added

Shqipe's Customs



Miscellaneous changes

- Bonus chance on elite slayer box drop (the new box) to double it for Oly Ranks Demi+
- Changed Daily Boss - Added all bosses above Vorkath etc and removed Corp/Hellfire
- Moved Hellfire Dragon/Corp/Purplefire/Infernal Beast to Normal Slayer 
- Hellfire Dragon/Corp/Purplefire/Infernal Beast has been removed from the teleport interface
- Slayer Boxes/Elite Slayer boxes will drop based on NPC tier / Slayer Superiors for Boss and Normal slayer will be based on tier also


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