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Kidd Baker

Introducing Kidd Baker

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Hello Athens community! My name is Kidd Baker. I have played Athens before of which was not a very long stint. After a 254 day leave I have returned as fresh as a new player! I am hoping to meet many of you and create a friendship with all of you. I look forward to grinding aside all of you and continuing to create and build a community together. I have played RSPS since the start MOPARSCAPE days and man has the private server game changed. I am 27 years old and I live in the United States. I enjoy many things such as fishing, shooting guns, gaming, cars, and oddly enough working. I spend a lot of my free time gaming (It's a little cheaper than gas lmao). I am a very friendly and open person. IĀ  look forward to meeting everyone and helping as much as I can. Anything not included here that you may wonder feel free to reach out to me and ask anything your mind wonders!

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