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New Donator Ranks/Benefits

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Donator Ranks

The only way to obtain these Ranks is by donating. The total of your purchase will contribute to this rank.


We do not ever plan to lock any content behind Donator Ranks. Inherently, your Olympus Rank will always be better. However, there are some major bonuses from these ranks that will supplement your Olympus Rank progress.


Donator Rank Requirements:

Bronze - $10

Silver - $50

Gold - $100

Platinum - $500

Diamond - $1000


Click Here to learn more about Caskets

- 5% DR Cap Increase

- 10% Chance at getting an additional 5 Drachma when opening a Bronze Casket


- 10% DR Cap Increase

- 10% Extra Drachma

- 10% Chance at getting a free Bronze Casket when opening a Silver Casket


 - 15% DR Cap Increase

 - 15% Extra Drachma

- 10% Chance at getting a free Silver Casket when opening a Gold Casket


- 20% DR Cap Increase

- 20% Extra Drachma

- 10% Chance at getting a free Gold Casket when opening a Platinum Casket


- 25% DR Cap Increase

- 30% Extra Drachma

- 10% Chance at getting a free Platinum Casket when opening a Diamond Casket




- 30% DR Cap Increase

- 35% Extra Drachma

- 10% Chance at getting a free Diamond Casket when opening an Amethyst Casket

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