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Birdy Suggestion 0002

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Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)
I don't believe so.


Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)



Is this suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no)



What do you think the overall impact to the server will be?

This will help players to read text a lot easier.


What is your suggestion?

My suggestion is for all text in game chat to be easily readable.

i.e. There are 18 votes left before Muttadile spawns!; 5 Minutes until Tectonic Boss event!; Tectonic Boss has Spawned!
Currently, the text above in game chat is in a light orange colour and is always hard to read unless you really stare at the text to make out what it says. I'd like to see a darker colour so it is easier to read.

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