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Welcome to the afk guide, in this guide we will cover how the Afk zones work, the rewards, and the benefits donor ranks give at the Afk zones.

To get to AFK zone you can type ::afk



Afk rock

The afk rock is the first of three spots you can use to gain afk points, but is also the slowest of the three.  There is no requirements to mine this rock so anyone can use it to gain afk points



AFK Tree

The AFK Tree is the next in the line of progression in the AFK zone.  You will need to have mined 10,000 afk rocks and be legendary donator rank to use the tree.




AFK Tree I

The AFK Tree I is the final and best of the three resources you can mine/cut at the AFK zone.  You will need to have the previous requirements done for the regular AFK Tree and cut 28,000 of the regular AFK Tree along with being at least Deluxe donator rank.




AFK Tree I - Olympus zone



AFK tree (i) at Olympus zones with a chance of a boost damage token. Higher the ranked zones give a higher chance of getting boosts.



You can convert the boosts you receive from the AFK tree (i) at the Olympus zones into tokens. You can then forge the tokens into different boosts, depending on which style you prefer.





Points awarded from each tree/rock

*Note these numbers are averages and not meant to be exact numbers*

AFK Rock:

Reg donor rock: 7-11 on average of 5-6 seconds

Super dono rock: 9-13 on average 5-6 seconds

extreme dono rock: 11-15 on average 5-6 seconds

legendary dono rock: 13-17 on average 5-6 seconds

Uber dono rock: 15-19 on average 5-6 seconds

Deluxe dono rock: 17-21 on average 5-6 seconds

Vip dono rock: 19-23 on average 5-6 seconds

Vip+titan dono rock: 21-25 average 5-6 seconds

Vip+Primorial dono rock: 23-27 average 5-6 second

AFK Afk Tree:

Reg afk tree legendary donor: 10-13 in 2-4 seconds

reg afk tree uber donor: 12-15 in 2-4 seconds

reg afk tree deluxe donor: 14-17 in 2-4 seconds

Reg afk tree vip donor:16-19 in 2-4 seconds

Reg afk tree vip+titan: 18-21 in 2-4 seconds

Reg afk tree vip+primorial: 20-23 in 2-4 seconds

AFK Tree (I)

Afk tree (I) deluxe donor: 17-20 in 2-4 seconds Afk tree (I)

Vip donor: 19-22 in 2-4 seconds

Afk tree (I) Vip+titan: 21-24 in 2-4 seconds

Afk tree (I) Vip+primorial: 24-27 in 2-4 seconds


AFK reward shop

The AFK reward shop gives amazing rewards from unlimited prayer scroll to a scroll bag, that previously was only obtainable through donation!



AFK Fishing

AFK Fishing is the newest addition to the line of afk skills.  AFK Fishing will allow you to fish buffed versions of the fish you can catch in which they overheal your HP, and stack!

There are 4 AFK Fishing locations, they are all located at ::afkfish.

The four spots consist of:

*Note, you will also need the respective fishing equipment earned through fishing, from the Athenian spot, before moving to the next fishing spot, along with the fish caught requirements that are listed below.*


Athenian Spot, you can fish Athenian Swordfish here.  You need Athenian rank to fish these.  These fish can overheal you to 135 HP.



Next is Olympian Fishing spot, which gives Olympian Manta Rays.  You are required to have Olympian donor and 20k of the previous fish caught.  These can overheal you to 146 HP.  




Next is Titan Fishing spot, which gives Titan Sharks.  You need Titan rank and 20k of each of the previous fishes caught to fish at this location.  These can overheal you to 146 HP.




Next is Primordial Fishing Spot, which gives Primordial Rocktails.  You need Primordial rank and 20k of each of the previous fishes caught to fish at this location.  These can overheal you to 161 HP.




Linking Account


You can now ::linkacc a fresh account if you want to use ::afk but also play on your main, your linked account will act as if it has the donor rank/afk reqs as your main account as long as it is online, to get the bonuses from the afk scrolls they will need to be in your main accounts inv/scroll bag while your linked account is at afk

If you link an account they will be swapped in how they act at afk, if you link a fresh account and put afk scrolls in your main the fresh account will use them from afk zone, basically it will act the same as it would if you didn't link accounts the only difference is another account is doing it for you there is no bonus points to doing this your main account will have the same affect and afk will act as though you are using the fresh account to afk

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