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Supreme Ironman Guide

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Hello and Welcome to the Supreme Ironman Guide! In this guide we will give you an overview of what Supreme Ironman is, how death works, and how to insure your items. Thanks for playing Supreme Ironman and be sure to check out our other guides to get you up to speed if you are a new player!



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What is Supreme Ironman?

Supreme Ironman is a new ironman game mode that we've been developing on and off for the past couple of months. Most of you have a general idea of how the game mode works. However, we've made many changes even since the open beta. Read on to get up to speed with starting as an ironman!


Supreme Ironman game mode comes with a drop rate bonus of 90% and damage boost of 10% to all damage types. The first thing you should be familiar with when starting a Supreme Ironman is typing ::supremecommands to see a list of commands available to your supreme account


Alternatively you can also do ::supcmd or ::supcommands


Supreme Ironman Death

Supreme Ironman is similar to Hardcore Ironman in the sense that there is a punishment for dying. However, we've given players the option to choose the punishment they will face. Once you die as a Supreme Ironman you will be teleported to a black void. In order to leave you must talk to Death. When you interact with Death you will be given the opportunity to choose between three punishments. Regardless of which punishment is chosen, a death count will be added to your account. Your death count will impact your ranking on the Supreme Ironman Leaderboard.


Your insurance progress will be cleared after death. Meaning you must re-insure every item that you previously had insured. Regardless of which punishment is chosen. To learn more about insurance, scroll down to the next section (sections are orange text).


Punishment #1: Kill Death-Wings ("Free" death)

Players will be teleported to a location where they must kill 1000 Death-Wings with whatever gear they died in. This will allow players to earn their way back into the game without having to face the two more severe punishments. 

This punishment is only available for a player's first death. In other words, once a Supreme Ironman has died and chosen this option, they can no longer choose this option again.



Punishment #2: De-Rank to Regular Ironman

As the title states, this punishment will result in the player being de-ranked from Supreme Ironman to regular Ironman. You will lose your drop rate and damage boost in the process. A notable difference is that as a de-ranked Supreme you will never be able to de-iron. So your rank will permanently remain Ironman even if you wish to be de-ironed. 

You will NOT lose any items with this option.


Punishment #3: Lose All Un-insured Items

This option will wipe your account of all items that have not been insured. You will keep your Supreme Ironman Rank and all your Supreme Ironman progress.

Tip: Re-insure all your important items right away in order to prepare for your next potential death.

Although your deaths will impact your ranking in the leaderboard, they will not impact the competition. The competition is solely based on first players to complete x amount of tasks.


Item Insurance

This feature allows Supreme Ironmen to insure an item in the unfortunate event that they die and decide to keep their rank. This means that if you die with an item that is insured, you will not lose it as long as you have the item on your account. It’s very important to note that after every death, your insured items list will be cleared meaning that you must re-insure your items. To see what items you have insured, we added a book for a list of your insured items.



How To Insure Items?
In order to insure an item you must kill the Supreme Ironman Boss which has a chance at dropping both Heart Crystals and Heart Fragments. Using a Heart Crystal on any item will add the item to your insured-items list. The Heart Crystal will disappear and you will not lose the item. Heart Fragments work similarly except they can only be used for certain items such as ammo or food. Dying at the Supreme Ironman Boss is a safe death. However, there will be a cooldown before you can re-enter. The cooldown timer will increase based on your current tier.

You can access the Supreme Ironman Boss through the portal at the Ironman Zone. 






Drop Table:






Tasks, Tiers, & Leaderboard

The Supreme Ironman Leaderboard will be split into 5 tiers.  In order to level up into a new tier you must obtain a certain amount of points by completing tasks. The tasks/tier system may be a bit more complex than what you’re used to so please read carefully.


Each Tier will have a set of tasks that come with it.  Each task will reward you with points.  Obtaining a certain amount of points will allow you to level up your tier.  So with that being said, not every task must be completed in order to tier up.  However, in order to win the main competition, you must complete ALL available tasks for every tier. 

A tier 2 task can not be progressed until the tier 1 version/equivalent of that task is complete, and so on.

Leaderboard Ranking
There are two separate brackets for Supreme Ironman.  The P2W and the F2P bracket. Players can filter which they prefer to view.  The rankings within each tier will first be based on points and second the amount of deaths you have. 




If you want to compete for the most deaths, we also included a Wall Of Shame Leaderboard:





Thanks for taking a look at this guide and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to any staff that are currently online, they will gladly assist you!


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