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Auto-Upgrade (Dragonkin to 99 Lamps Only)

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Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) : Doubtful.

Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no): Depending on the amount of lamps people have built up, and if they take an effort to use it all, but corrupt upgrader already exists for massive lamps and the price of them in POS is only 200-400.

Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) : Doubtful.

What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be? QOL on both the players ends and staff end.

What is your suggestion? Adding an auto-upgrade option to Dragonkin Lamps -> 99 Combat Lamp. I just recently decided to try my luck upgrading 1000 Lamps in one go, and decided to spam click it until they all upgraded because I was too cheap and impatient for the 250T cost/5 Hour wait. The amount of spam-clicking apparently set off some alarms for the autoclick check, but I still had to keep going to get my lamps done. 

Also, this shouldn't be an instant "upgrade all", but more-so that if you plan on it upgrading all that you have, you still have to wait the time/wait for it to succeed or fail while reducing the amount of spam-clicking that goes into server. 

(Not sure if this can be applied to other items, I mention dragonkin lamps because that is easy to get a huge quantiy of. Applying this same effect to something such as Limey Tokens could actually fall into the second category of "Will this suggestion create an eco issue?" but for something like lamps, I see it as inconsequential.)

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4 hours ago, Smash said:

That's obtainable via corrupted upgrader and it does what you're requesting. 


I believe what I'm suggesting here is a little bit different, so I just want to clarify. Naturally, it's still your call. But the idea is to still be using the regular upgrade with the cheaper cost and lower upgrade chance (not 100%), but to essentially remove the need to spam click it so that you don't trigger any bot checks. It would go through the upgrades 1 by 1, and succeed or fail and remove the item/cash cost. (Kind of similar to how the Mimic has been changed and doesn't require you to click the mimic token every time you want to restart the fight). 

The corrupted upgrader had a higher success rate (100%) but at the time, I didn't want to pay the heavy cost, and just wanted to see how many I got out of regular upgrading because I was a cheap ass and didn't mind the longer time/ clicking over and over again instead of "one click, corrupted upgrade". 

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Any option to pseudo-automate upgrades would have to be a separate option for a higher price. Being able to set up something to upgrade essentially while you were afk in essence wouldn't be any different than an auto clicker, thus we would increase the cost for people who chose to do this option (if it were implemented).


While the corrupt upgrader does charge a fee for the increased convenience, a "upgrade-X/all" feature would have to have a similar tax for the same reason. I get what you're saying, but there's just not a way to implement this in the way you've described without substantially increasing the cost (therefore reducing the desire to do it this way).


Hope this helps clear anything up!

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