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Slayer decrease scrolls

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Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
No, not to my knowledge.

Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
No, if anything - it'll add another -money- sink for richer people.

Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
Maybe to an extend for point farming, but highly doubt it.
What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be?
the overall impact wouldn't be high, moreso in line with slayer skip/cancel/extend scrolls.
What is your suggestion?

My suggestion is slayer decrease scrolls. Basically a reverse slayer extend scrolls.

Usable for the slayer tasks that are shitty, but not shitty enough to block/cancel.

Decrease scrolls would obviously be obtainable like every other slayer skip/cancel/extend scroll, which is through Vorago raids  slayer boxes of each respectable slayer mode.

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