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Loot from 100K Ultra Boxes

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Hello everyone!

So recently I have been buying bulk Ultra and Supreme boxes and decided why not open exactly 100K Ultras and see what I get.


This is what my tab looked like right before I started:


Halfway point:


After I had finished:


After I sold all the junk for junk tokens, this was the final loot:



Now for the details for those who are interested.


Resources spent:

- All boxes were bought 50-60b ea. I spent approximately 5.5Q cash on 100K. Special thanks to Vape for providing me with the majority of the boxes.

- They took approximately 6 hours to open (not counting any breaks ofc)


Opening method:

1. Shift click to withdraw all

2. Esc to exit bank

3. Right click -> Open all

4. Ctrl B

5. Deposit carried items

6. Repeat


Drop Table:

- With this large of a sample size, we can deduce that Limey Tokens are a 1/30 drop from Ultra Boxes. (100k/3303≈30)

- A few other items have the same droprate, a few are 1/15, and a few are closer to 1/250 (see last screenshot)

- $10 bonds seem to be around 1/2500-1/3000. A larger sample size would have been better to determine this more accurately since they are so uncommon


Profitability analysis:

This largely depends on the current limey token price and the price you buy the boxes at. For this opening, if the limeys are sold at 2t ea, that would equal in a 1.1Q profit. (3300x2000-5500000)

However, if they are sold at 3t ea, that would equal in a 4.4Q profit.

(This is not considering the 37 $10 bonds or 1784k junk tokens that I also received)


Hope this was at least somewhat interesting. Thank you!




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