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Hephaestus Boss Guide

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Hello and welcome to the Hephaestus boss guide.  In this guide I will show you how to unlock Hephaestus, all of his mechanics and what kind of loot you can expect to get from Hephaestus.


To unlock Hephaestus you will need to get 180,000 Olympus points through Olympus slayer, then you will be able to buy a Vulcan scroll from the Olympus Slayer Shop.


Olympus Slayer Shop



Once you have the scroll you will be able to teleport to Hephaestus through the teleport interface



Hephaestus Boss and his Mechanics

Hephaestus has 3 Million HP


Hephaestus has multiple mechanics to learn

-Has a 1/13 chance of protecting against the style you are using.  You will need to bring a second attack style to combat this ability


-Can disable prayer


-Uses mage special attack (similar to Hope Raids) you can dodge the damage dealt by these by moving out of the rings


-Can melee if you get within range


Hephaestus may have quite a few mechanics to deal with and a large health pool, but it makes up for it in it's drops.  The main drop you will be looking for is the Vulcan crystal which you can combine with omni armor to make the new F2P best in slot armor.


Hephaestus Boss drop table

*Drop rate does not affect Hephaestus*


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