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AthensPS - Voting Guide

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Hi there and welcome to this Basic guide on voting as I have seen a few people asking about it in-game.

There are two ways that you can initiate a vote. You can either click on the "Voting" tab at the top of the AthensPS Website or while in-game type: ::vote. Either way you do it, you will be taking to the Voting Page. 


Enter your in-game name in the text box that appears. When done you will see something like below:


Select the 2 tabs - Rune-Locus, and RSPS-List
The sites will look like below:


Make sure to have the drop down for "Your answer" reflect the amount of Runescape Items that are in the main image. If you get it wrong, try again. 
Successful vote will show: "We have recorded your vote, thank you for voting!" 



Click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox, and then select Vote underneath.
When the Vote is successful, you will see: "You have successfully voted for Athens.

When you are done, in-game you can type: ::voted, or ::claimvote to register the votes you have done!.
You will normally get 2 Vote Scrolls which can be sold to the Player Owner Shops (POS).


You can alternatively claim the vote points. Doing so will give you a chance of getting a Vote Box or the option to buy items from the Voting Rewards store which is found on the South west side of the building inside ::shops
See the vote shop items below:


Usually people will save up and buy the Vote Box valued at: 150 points at the time of this post.

Rewards from the Vote Box are: 


When the server reaches a total of 40 Votes the ::voteboss or ::muttadile will spawn. This is a world boss event and everyone can join!

The Rewards from the Muttadile:


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