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Athensps All In One Gambling Guide

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Welcome to the AthensPS All In One Gambling Guide


This guide will consist of how to enter the island, how to obtain gambling tickets & the rules & how the gambling styles work.

In order to get to the gamble island you will need to click minigame teleport and click gamble island.

Once you have typed the command you will be teleported to this zone.


Once at the zone you can start to gamble. To earn tickets, you will need to talk to the Gambling Assistant. You will have the option to Earn Tickets and it will cost you 250b. 
After entering the zone you will be in a room with many Party Petes it will look like this

You kill these however long you want to they drop gambling tickets, they drop between 20-25 tickets per kill.


You can also receive gamble tickets from multiple floors of the forgotten abyss, floors five (100 ticket drop x2 if Athenian donator rank), floor six (200 ticket drop x2 if Olympian donator rank), floor eight (400 ticket drop x2 if primordial donator rank)



This is the interface of the gamble options.



Types of gambling:

Flower poker;

Flower poker consists of 9 colours: 
Rainbow, Red, Orange, Blue, Pastel, Yellow, Purple, Black & White.

This is how the flower poker works,

If a player plants 2 flowers of the same color, it is considered 1-pair (1p);

If a player plants two 1 pairs (2 different pairs) it is considered 2-pair (2p);

If a player plants 3 of the same, it is considered 3-of-a-kind (3oak);

If a player plants 3-of-a-kind and a 1-pair, it is considered full house (fh);

If a player plants 4 of the same, it is considered 4-of-a-kind (4oak);

If a player plants 5 of the same, it is considered 5-of-a-kind (5oak);

If a player plants 5 different flowers, it is a bust;

White/Black flowers are an automatic replant;

If both players bust, it is an automatic replant;

The planting is automated.



The way 55x2 works is that it's one roll from the host.

If the host rolls under 55 he wins if over 55 you win.

If you are host and you roll under 55 you win if over the other gambler wins.


Best out of 3;

The way this works is each player takes a turn to roll 3x times, the winner is determined by whoever rolls the highest number on each roll so for example;

Artemis rolls a 83, Nate rolls a 7

Artemis will be 1 - 0, this will continue until the first person reaches 3 at which point you will be rewarded as the winner.

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