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Killcount Reqs and Prestige Guide

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Below will have all the required kill count to access further content.

P.S > If you would like to specifically know what the requirements are for a specific boss you will need to click CTRL+F to bring up search in your browser and type in the boss name.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page also to see how you can level up your prestige!



Requirements to kill them:

Ganodermic Warlocks

50 x untouchable Kills

Undead Hounds

200 x Blood Hounds Kills

Angry Rex

200 x Ganodermic Warlocks Kills

Crimson Rangers

200 x Vet'ion Kills

Shaman Defenders

250 x Undead Hounds Kills

Wizards of Trident

200 x Ganodermic Warlocks Kills

Dark Wizards



Dragonlava Wizards

400 x Ganodermic Warlocks Kills


200x Infernal Wizards

Athens Ranger

250 x Crimson Rangers Kills


400 x Undead Hound Kills


200 x Untouchable Kills


200 x Untouchable Kills

Skyrocket Warriors

400 x Undead Hound Kills

Rainbow Rex

300 x Angry Rex Kills

Darth Rangers

500 x Crimson Rangers Kills

Lucid Warriors

250 x Sagittare Kills

Oreo Warriors

3 Combat Prestige 400 x Rainbow Rex 400 x Darth Ranger Kills

Angelic Warrior


Salvation Redemption Warrior

5 Combat Prestige 300 x Oreo Warrior 2.5k total boss Kills

Redemption Warrior:

Oreo Warrior KC: 250.
Angelic Warrior KC: 250.

20 Combat Prestige. 

Athens Ranger

250 x Darth Ranger Kills

Dark Warrior

10 Combat Prestige 400 x Oreo Warrior Kills

Infernal Ranger

15 Combat Prestige 500 x Oreo Warrior Kills

Infernal Beast

400 x Undead Hound Kills

Purplefire Wyrm

200 x Shaman Defender Kills


500 x Shaman Defender 500 x Oreo Warrior Kills


20 Combat Prestige 500 x Abaddon 500 x Undead Hound Kills

Greater K'ril

20 Combat Prestige 100 x Zamorak 100 x Vorkath Kills


500 x Shaman Defender 500 x Rainbow Rex Kills and 20 Hope raids advanced 


250 x Infernal Ranger Kills and 20 Combat Prestige 


250 x Rammernaut Kills and 30 Combat Prestige


250 x Dreadnaut Kills and 40 Combat Prestige


250 x Harlak Kills and 50 Combat Prestige


250 x Ballak Kills and 60 Combat Prestige


500 x Vorkath Kills

500 x Zamorak Kills

500 x Greater K'ril Kills

250 Combat Prestige

To give you an idea for all of the above the roadmaps for the Omni Bosses will be:

Blood Hounds KC: 200 - Undead Hounds KC: 250 - Shaman Defender KC: 500

Untouchables KC: 50 - Ganodermic Warlock KC: 200 - Angry Rex KC: 300 - Rainbow Rex KC: 400 

Vet'ion KC: 200 - Crimson Ranger KC: 500 - Darth Ranger KC: 400

Oreo Warrior KC: 500

Guide for Vorkath:



Untouchable KC: 100 - Abaddon KC: 500

Blood Hounds KC: 100 - Undead Hound KC: 500

20 Prestiges

Guide for Zamorak:


Greater K'ril Tsutsaroth:

Zamorak KC: 100

Vorkath KC: 100


20 Combat Prestige

Guide for K'ril:



200 blood hounds 250 undead 500 x shaman

50 untouchables 200 ganos 300 angry rex and 500 rainbow rex

20 Advanced Hope Raids Completed.


Let me explain, how you can can do Combat Prestiges:

1. Teleport to ::ckey and find this npc:


Then go to Prestige Master and talk with him:


1. You will see this dialogue after you press on Prestige Master, just press: Click here to continue.

2. Here you can see many options, but click on Prestige combat skills.

3. Here you can Prestige your combat skills, but before doing that i suggest to click on: View skills required to see what you need to have if you want to prestige.

4. After you click View skills required you will see this window with all skills what you need to have if you want to prestige.

5. Remove all your equipments, talk with Prestige Master again until you reach this window, and then click on Prestige combat skills.

6. After you do that, message will appear in chat, that you made Combat Prestige. After prestige all your combat skills will be reseted to level 1. 

P.S With every Prestige you will get higher and higher amount of total Prestiges that will unlock more further content.

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