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Welcome to the official Athensps guide directory

The aim of this thread is to be the place to look into when you need to find a guide for whatever you require just click on the word that is underlined to get access to the thread.

Need To Know


Starter Guide


Price Guide

Kill Count Reqs





Hope Raids
Blood Raids

Telos Guide


Money Making & Progression

Bonds Guide

Ironman guide By Rep

Royalred's money maker guide



Weapon & Armour Progression

Weapon Progression Guide

Armour Progression Guide

Omni Slay Helmet Guide


Drop Rate/Donator Store Guide

Drop Rate Items

Max Drop Rate

Donator Store

All About Donations

In-name Price Guide

Custom Donations


Donator Benefits/Zone

Donator Zone Bosses

Donator Benefits

Olympus Donor Information


Miscellaneous Guides

Voting Guide

All In One Gamble Guide

Guide For Freeze/Lag

All In One Pet Guide

No Response From Login Server Fix

Triva Guide

Clue Scroll Guide

Pest Control Guide By Royalred56

Upgrade/Forge Guide

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