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How To Obtain Omni Slayer Helmet + Stats

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Due to our new update the way to obtain omni slayer helmet has been changed.

How to obtain omni slayer helmet

In order to obtain the omni slayer helmet you will need 3x adv slayer helmet, 25 x mage bloodshot, 25 x bloodshot and 25 x melee bloodshot. You will also require Vorkath head, K'ril head, Zamorak head and 400t to forge the 3 helmets.

You can accquire the bloodshots from the slayer point store for 1k slayer points a piece, the store is located north of home when you trade your slayer master.


You will also need 3 adv slayer helmet you can purchase those through the slayer store, pos or the 1t store you can also purchase it through trades from players or get from slayer boxs.


Once you have both of these the hard part will begin, you will require the 3 respective heads from the omni bosses. You can purhcase these from players,pos or you can either pvm for it or donate for it.



You are now ready to make the omni slayer helmet, First you use the bloodshots on the advance slayer helmet when you are done doing so they should look like this.

Blue = Magic
Green = Range
Red = Melee

After that you use the respective head on the respective combat varient it represents that will allow your slayer helmet to become the omni head


With 400k in your inventory you go to ::upgrade right click forge, select the omni slayer helmet with the helms in your inventory click forge. It should look like this



There is a new way to get an omni slayer by grinding omni helms (crystal helm zamorak helmet, and k'ril melee helmet) at the grinder, to get a chance at shards for an omni slayer helm you can combine 6 of them to make a omni slayer helm shards.



Congratulations you have forged a omni slayer helmet!

Below I will list show you the stats of all these helms.

Adv slayer helmet
No droprate


Bloodshot helmet range
20 dr and 40 extra dr on task


Bloodshot helmet melee
20 dr and 40 extra dr on task


Bloodshot helmet mage 
20 dr and 40 extra dr on task


Bloodshot helms also grant an extra 15% damage on task

Vorkath Slayer Helmet
40 dr and 40 extra dr on task


Zamorak Slayer Helmet
40 dr and 40 extra dr on task


K'ril Slayer helmet
40 dr and 40 extra dr on task


The K'ril, Zamorak and Vorkath slayer helms also grant 20% damage on task

Omni slayer helmet
80 dr and extra 40 dr on task also grants 25% damage on task


Icy omni slayer helmet - 100
30% Damage on task


Sun omni slayer helmet - 115 dr

35% Damage on task

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