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Seadevil Bow Attack speed buff

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Has your suggestion been suggested before? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
Not on the forums. Not sure if it was suggested in discord.
Will this suggestion create an eco issue? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
Not at all.
Is this Suggestion able to be abused? (Provide an answer. If you can't, say yes or no) 
Not really, it will just create a decent item from vote boxes
What do you think the overall impact to the Server will be?
Another option in bow form,  besides using infernal minigun
What is your suggestion?

Increase the attack speed of seadevil bow, it already has really decent stat line, but with 4 attack speed, its not viable as a weapon. 

Would be cool to have it be used, because the model looks amazing and it compares similarly to infernal mg, trading out range bonus for range strength.


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