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Fall Guys Minigame (Chest Rush) & Additional Content

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Fall guys is a minigame that is a refrence to a very popular free for all battle royal game that has taken the world by storm. The time has come where Athensps has decided to slay the king and unlock the loot. (Chest Rush)

Room 1


Room 2


Fall guy box + pets


They can be received through donation & through the fall guy minigame


Benefits (A more detailed follow-up will be posted):

- Pets will give an overall drop rate boost like other items
- Pets will also give more rolls at the Prize Key Chest (some more than others)
- Pets will also give a much higher chance at receiving the Chest Rush prize item



NPC adjustments

Hellfire wizards

Electric Wizards


Dragon Lava Wizards


Infernal Wizards

Wizards of Tridents

Effigyswiper youtube boss

WalkChaos youtube boss


Additional Fixes/Adjustments
Fixed raid info overlay disappearing on death in blood raids

Fixed not getting loot if a player died during the blood raid

Fixed players not getting damaged when not in center arena if a player died during the blood raid

Fixed Talisman teleports taking players to wrong locations

Fixed Rago Raids Killcount not saving properly

Drop rate bonus toggle should now display the proper drop rate for all NPC's

Raid requirement scroll now works properly

Added GIM bank and GIM manager to the iron zone

Fixed ::forums opening twice

Changed prestige slayer (moved oreo/angelic/infernal ranger/darkwarrior to it)

Fixed GIM Demon from being able to owner dart

Task for home teleport should be

Fixed vote packages to require 3 total votes instead of 6

Fixed the message for contacting a staff for reward (slayer)

Added respawn to Zamorak and Kril NPCs

Fixed Blood Ranger Pet examine

Added vindictive accessories to announced drops

 cleaned up trash drops from announcing

Removed (e) bolt effects




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