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Group Ironman Boss & Valentines Update

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Bringing to you some fresh new updates for GIM!

We have added a GIM Boss 'GIM Demon'

To access it you must type ::gimboss and enter the well


The boss spawns every 3 hours and will hang around for 30 minutes, this is the drop table of the boss.


GIM Shop

A GIM shop has been added.
NOTE: More items to be added in the shop following player feedback.


GIM Highscores

We have added a working GIM Highscore leaderboard with the command ::gimh


It's Valentines day! And we have some new content to go along with this fine weekend.

Without further adieu we start with the heartseeker shop, in this shop you will require heartseeker tokens to purchase special limited items.

Type in ::valentines to get access to valentine's king this npc drops heartseeker tokens which you can spend at the valentine's shop



Along with valentine's king we have introduced a world boss that spawns every hour or spawned by a staff member.


Drop table



Heartseeker boxes

The only way to obtain these boxes are either thru the ::store or contacting Fahq for custom deals.



Coming to the end of the update thread here are the stats on the valentine & heartseeker sets.

Stats of the valentine set with pet
Stats of the valentine set without pet

Stats of the heartseeker set without pet

Stats of the heartseeker set with pet




Added Neck's custom Bow
Temporarily removed ::ezoneold
Change rate of getting task scrolls a little (since you can get them while one is claimed now)
Changed examine text on normal bonds
Fixed slayer 5 streak and 10 streak points
Adjusted elite rosebloods to 50 dr
Adjusted droprates on vindictive accessories and made them correct
Void sword made to be one handed
Reduced cost of broken omni items to cost 150 shards down from 5000
New range npcs use range attacks instead of meleeing
Changed range animation for darth rangers and crimson rangers to not shoot a handcannon shot
New area for hellfire wizards (Hellfire Scroll)
Fixed rainbow armor equip task from Task Scrolls
Added KBD teleport back to the teleport interface
Owner dart is unusable at Salvation Warrior
added ::Taskbook command to give a book of tasks

 Added ::valentines2, ::valentines3, ::valentines4, and ::valentines5 to avoid crowding

 Fixed issue with Advanced Hope raids killcount not saving 

::gimh now works properly for displaying the top GIM (Does not display all teams) 

Fixed issue with Upgrade statue displaying the wrong interface 

Adjusted rates of Heartseeker box (loot is now more common) 

Changed GIM Boss respawn to 1 hour and 30 minutes instead of 3 hours 

Buffed drop table of GIM boss 

Added more heartseeker token drops to the Valentine king 

Changed HP of The Heartseeker to 5m

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21 minutes ago, Pyrall said:

Any QOL/bug fixes or purely just the above?

Extra updates has been edited on the bottom of the topic.

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