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Staff Update 5/7/2020

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Hello community of Athens we will now use this section of the forums for what it is suppose to be.


We are starting off with a few promotions this week.


2oFfVWT.pngDraoder to Global Administrator from administrator 

lfgtzAL.pngNew Player to Administrator from global moderator

uFkddV2.pngKillaKilla to Global Moderator from moderator

uFkddV2.pngCitrinite to Moderator from support

uFkddV2.pngJack to Moderator from support

uFkddV2.pngWolf to Moderator from support

5PJoGhO.pngRoxy to server support from trial support

5PJoGhO.pngTrix to trial support

5PJoGhO.pngUim to trial support

5PJoGhO.pngHades to trial support

5PJoGhO.pngShayeb to trial support

5PJoGhO.pngBobby to trial support

5PJoGhO.pngBread to trial support


Congrats to everyone to got promoted this week! I am sure you will make us as a staff team proud and will do wonders! Keep up the great work.

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