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The Future of Athens

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We're aware of the growing concern that Athens may be taking a turn for the worst. As you've all seen, the player count has declined significantly over the past month. And as unfortunate as it may seem, this has given us time to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses. We've been live for about eight months now and throughout that time we've done many good things but we've also made poor decisions that ultimately led us to this point. Over the past two weeks the staff team and I have had the chance to come up with a proper strategy that'll allow us to not only correct what went wrong but give us the opportunity to prosper more than we ever have before. With that said, I present Athens 2.0!





What Is Athens 2.0?

Athens 2.0 is a huge update that is already under development. The update will focus on revitalizing the game with fresh new enjoyable features as well as reworking obsolete content. But most importantly, this "new" Athens is going to be a way for us to revive our player base with a massive marketing campaign. However, there's a catch. We've decided that while we prepare the update it'd be best that we keep the server offline until then. We've thought long and hard about this and we believe that this would give us the space to turn Athens around, rework and refine from the ground back up. In order to serve you, the player, right. Of course there will be risks with this plan but we're fully prepared to take on whatever comes our way. I know it's not ideal but we ask you to please keep an open mind and understand we only want what's best for Athens.


Will There Be A Reset?

Accounts/items/banks will NOT be reset or rolled back.

However, we may tweak certain points because some shops will be getting reworked (Donator points will NOT be reset or changed). As of now we're not certain which points will get reset or modified so I highly suggest spending them now before we take the server offline.


When Will The Server Go Offline?

Athens will go offline within the next 2-3 days. We will make an announcement before it does.


When Is Athens 2.0 Coming Out?

We're aiming to have the launch within the next 4-6 weeks.

We'll announce a date about a week before.


What Content Do We Have Planned?

We'll be reworking a lot of existing content and fixing various bugs. But regarding brand new content, what's listed below is only a fraction of what's to come.

- Group Ironman

- Custom Last Man Standing

- Daily Tasks

- & Much More!

Of course we do plan to keep some things a surprise!


How Can I keep Up With Progress?

The best way to keep up with progress is to make sure you're in our Discord. We'll be posting plenty of sneak-peeks in there!


Weekly Giveaways?

Yes, that's right! We'll be hosting a big giveaway in our Discord every Friday from now until the server is back online. We'll be rotating every week between the following giveaways:

150m OSRS gp (1st = 100m, 2nd = 25m, 3rd = 25m)

Athens item giveaway (up to 10 winners)

In-game rewards will be distributed once we're back online and osrs gp will be given ASAP.


How Can I Help?

Spread the news that Athens will be back on top very soon! But most importantly, we ask that you maintain a level of trust and patience with the team. 
Understand that we're doing our absolute best to bring Athens back to the top. 


I know many of you may have doubts about our plans and that's understandable. Nevertheless I plead with you to be patient and trust that we're doing what we think is best for Athens. We are not just doing this because player count dropped, but also because we have listened to the community and countless feedback from you guys. We agree, and we want to do things right, not only for ourselves but for you too. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to leave smash, a staff member, or myself a private message on discord and we'll have a constructive conversation. What I don't recommend is raging or spamming the discord. Nobody benefits from that.


Thank you,

Athens Team

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