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** These are the required boss kills you will need before slaying Vorkath **

Vet'ion KC: 200

Blood Hounds KC: 200

Undead Hounds KC: 250 

Untouchables KC: 50  

Ganodermic Warlock KC: 200 

Shaman Defender KC: 500

 Angry Rex KC: 300 

 Rainbow Rex KC: 400 

 Crimson Ranger KC: 500

Darth Ranger KC: 400

Oreo Warrior KC: 500

By the time you get to Vorkath you will have 99 Prayer. It's recommended that you keep using soulsplit. 
If you need to avoid attacks, the one to avoid will be the double fireball which can almost 1 hit you. It's best to run and avoid that hitting you and also watchout for the purple fireball attack as it can disable your prayers.


Low Tier Gear:

Hellfire Shadow Sword, Ghrazi Rapier, Scythe of Vitur, Animal bow, Electric staff

Oreo armor, Roseblood Gloves, Angelic Gloves

Tome of chaos, Angelic Shield, Angelic Shield (Melee,Range,Mage)

Collectors Neck, Collectors Neck (Melee, Range,Mage) 

50% Dr Boots, 50% Dr Boots (Melee,Range, Mage)

Ring of Devotion, Ring of Devotion (Melee, Range, Mage)

Max Cape, Darklord Cape


Mid Tier Gear:

Salvation Sword(Ironman Only), Hope Sword, Custom Ghrazi Rapier, Custom Scythe of Vitur, Salvation bow(Ironman Only), Athens supreme bow, Athens supreme crossbow, Custom blood twisted bow, Salvation staff(Ironman Only), Hope staff, Custom sanguinesti staff

Angelic Armor, Angelic (Melee, Range, Mage), Angelic (Elite), Incursio Armor, custom justice, Tectonic, Salvation Armor (Ironman Only)

Tome of chaos, Texturized Range SS, Hellfire SS, Angelic Shield (Elite), Collectors Neck (Elite)

Dr Boots (Elite), Angelic Boots, Salvation Boots (Ironman Only)

Roseblood Gloves (Melee, Range, Mage), Roseblood Gloves (Elite)

Ring of Devotion (Elite), Ring of Devotion (s)

Darklord Cape (Melee, Range, Mage)


High Tier Gear:

K'ril Sword, K'ril Scythe, Seismic Maul, Seismic Maul(U), Cometfall mace, Vorkath bow/crossbow, Seismic bow, Seismic bow(U), Netherstrand bow, Zamorak staff, Seismic wand, Seismic wand (U), Mirage staff

Texturized Hell Defender, Godly Hell Defender

K'ril's Melee Armor, Crystal armor, Zamorak robes, Omni Armor, Owner Plate, Legs, Helmet, Vindictive Armor

Collectors Neck (Elite), Owner Neck, Owner Ring

Dr Boots (Elite), Vindictive boots, Owner Boots, Owner Cape

Roseblood gloves (Elite) Vindictive gloves, Owner gloves

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