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Weekly Wednesday Event #W3 & 4

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Welcome to our special edition of weekly wednesday forum event.
This edition of weekly wednesday will last two weeks from 18/11/2020 - 2/12/2020

The theme for this event is going to be Athens bingo pvm edition.

How to enter:

Comment on this thread with your in-game name


3 man teams

15 teams

First 3 teams to get bingo wins (note if it reachs two weeks and no team has gotten bingo the team with most crossed out wins)

All items must be a drop unless specified.
You must have a screenshot with the date & drop/forge announcement.

Those with a 7DS Weapon cannot team up with another who has a 7DS weapon during this event. This is to attempt some balance with this event.

You are not to break any in-game rules while in the process of doing the event

You are responsible of making sure all of your drops/upgrades are documented staff will not be held accountable upon your mistakes.


1st place gets 35 1$ boxs of your choice for each person on the team
2nd place gets 20 1$ boxs of your choice for each person on the team
3rd place gets 10 1$ boxs of your choice for each person on the team

The event will start when there is at-least 5 teams registered but we allow up to 15 teams to register.

Athens Bingo - Easy

Athens Bingo - Medium


Athens Bingo - Hard




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