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able to mass upgrade dragonkin lamps

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This wouldn't have  to be used for every item in the upgrade. more towards the dragonkin lamps and possibly the mystery boxes/super boxes making it a faster thing to do since they can really stack up and make it ridiculous to click nearly 1k+ times.


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Hello Thomas,

I have been working on some possible methods that wouldn't flood the eco. An example being, to have an upgrade all option that would upgrade said item automatically one by one with x amount of seconds in-between. The current issue would be that a majority of players have these stacked with high amounts. Whatever method that we suggest, would have to be at a rate upon which is slow enough to prevent item floods and fast enough to where the player is happy. An example of this would be the slot machine. Depending on the number of spins you had, it would take 20-60 minutes to do your entire spins. Yes, it is tedious to do but you do have a chance to pull a high-tier item. It is time being taken away from the player, taking them away from pvming or other various moneymaking methods. This creates the cognitive dissonance upon which the player is forced to spend x-amount of time trying to pull an owner cape, or grinding away for hours to create some cash. The same applies to mass-opening super boxes to sell to the 1b shop or choosing that time instead to do slayer or raid.


Thanks for posting! 

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