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7DS range weapon nerf concern

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So the recent patch, brought upon a nerf to the 7ds range weapon specifically. As you know, the weapon did not come cheap - 1k USD donation. Sure, I expected a nerf to come but the weapon lost 20% of its range strength clean off. Some owners of the weapon found it a little concerning it was nerfed so hard. I guarantee most of us bought the weapon for the stats that came with the weapon normally and not the 20% of what we thought we paid for. Instead of nerfing a 1k dollar weapon by 20% it could have been balanced by adding att speed to the nerf or even making the nerf less. I don't know about others but I surely would not have bought the weapon in its current price for those stats. Myself and others have tried the nerfed version of the weapon and are pretty upset about it. So I please ask management if something can be done with the nerf, thank you. 

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