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Boss Spawn Suggestion? Another One? Hear Me Out!

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Hi there! First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to read this. I don't know how to pretty up a forum post, so do forgive the bland wall of text ahead!

Now, I know everyone and their alt has seen people suggest the game could use a few more spawns in a variety of areas.... and well, they are right!

That said, the Donator areas are able to provide a number of answers to that solution, but only temporarily!

With the recent Slayer Update, we're seeing areas more busy than ever, which is not at all a bad thing! Though, as the server continues to grow, the competition for these spawns will become more of a challenge. 


Now, I'd like to suggest adding more mobs to the Donator areas, as the non-donor areas do provide an incentive to upgrading your rank.


Please consider adding more mobs to ::ezoneold, most notably:


Blood Hounds

Undead Hounds

To'Kash the Blood Chiller  



P.P.S. Also consider moving where the Undead and Blood Hounds are located at ::ezoneold as the overlap a bit when left clicking.


Thank you!

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Hey there,

I agree that after the slayer update ::ezoneold has been quite overcrowded in the blood/undead hounds area on peak times.  Same for Tokash in ::ezone.

That being said, ::lzone and ::uzone mostly handle this situation, so that is an incentive to keep upgrading the limeys.  It really does come down to "are there enough spawns for new players to not get locked out of progressing?"

I'm just trial server support, so I don't know what will be decided.  I can say that I'll at least keep an eye on those areas and try to gather some information for when it gets brought up!


Thanks for the input!

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For now, you may pm a global admin to spawn more npcs in areas that are overcrowded. As the server grows we are aware of these situations occurring. We are currently looking into more permanent fixes. 


Thanks for posting!

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