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No Response from login server FIX

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Option 1) This has been the only successful solution we could find. 

Step 1. https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/download < Download/Install CCleaner

Step 2. Run CCleaner

Step 3. Make sure to Delete your Cache/Client and redownload one from the forums. Link your batch file to the jar and run it. It should solve your problems with a No Response From Login Server error.

Step 4. After cleaning your pc out with CCleaner from all the stuff that could be blocking cache downloads and allowing you to log in. Make Sure to Restart your PC

Step 5. Follow this guide here and make a runnable batch file 

Option 2) Not guaranteed to fix your problem it's just another option!

Not Guaranteed to fix  "NO RESPONSE FROM LOGIN SERVER"  but an option.

Step 1. Delete your cache from the following location; delete the folder named "AthensPSCache"

Step 2. Open up your file explorer and go to Windows (C:) 


Step 3. Go into User


Step 4. Download the cache file from the following location


Step 5. Once downloaded create a folder in the same location called "AthensPSCache" and extract the downloaded files to the newly created folder.


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