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Fashion event

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Fashion event.

Event date :12/7 /2020 - 19/7 /2020 2 pm GMT +2


Welcome all! This event is for all members willing to participate. There will be 3 winning positions. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, to get into one of these you must have one of the best outfits.



#1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom.


#2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Remember to put in your in-game name)


#3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same outfit in one comment to show it off better.


Example given :





First place: 1 store box.



Second place: $30 in bonds.



Third place: $15 in bonds.



I will announce the winners in 1 week from today, Good luck everyone and thank you for participating




First place: Vitali (Paid)

2nd place : Infamouspkz (Paid)

3rd place: Cap (Paid)

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IGN: Vitali

Still need to complete: Moneky Madness and Dragon Slayer xD

Good old times.PNG

Cluse up.PNG

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