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Huge Update! 7/06/2020

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Yes, this is finally happening! I know you've all been itching to get your hands on this juicy new content. This update has been pushed back to the point that we're releasing our 4th of July event two days after 4th of July 😂 I had thought about removing the event from this update but fuck it, you guys wanted it and at the end of the day content is content! Now that's out the way, lets dive right into today's update.


Lets start by showing off our brand new login screen, isn't it amazing? 




This boss requires 500 Oreo kills as well as 500 Shaman Defenders. 

  • Vorkath has a couple similar attacks to the OSRS version of the boss. However, we've left some out to keep things a little less intensive.


Drop table







The Mimic & Cluescroll Rework

To get to the mimic you need a mimic token, as well as 5 of 3 unique clue scrolls



Drop table: 


Mimic pet has 150% drop rate!


Reworked Cluescroll loot:





New Ironman mass Boss:

  • To get to the new Ironman boss, you must use the portal in the bank of the ironman zone
  • The rewards as well as the boss itself are exclusive to ironmen only
  • The boss has three different attacks:
    • Attack #1: The boss will teleport a random player right under him and then jump. To avoid taking damage from this attack, run far from the boss as fast as you can
    • Attack #2: The boss will follow and simply kick his target
    • Attack #3: The boss will spawn lightning that will spawn under you. To avoid taking damage run around, away from your previous location.


Drop table:






New Survivor Raids Bows:







Owner boots and gloves are now in the donation store!






New Boxes!

Seismic boxes, Owner boxes, and Survivor boxes could land you some of the juiciest loot for only $1!

** The ONLY way to get these boxes is through the store**









Fourth of July- Murica Mage Boss

You can get to this boss by typing ::murica, This boss spawns hourly.

Everything that comes with this update is limited and will be removed the server in about 1 week!!!


Drop table:



The Murica Spirit Shield is the best in slot magic shield!


(attack speed is displayed incorrectly in the image above)

Murica mage can also be purchased with a murica themed ownercape!


Other & Miscellaneous:

  • Increased prices of items in ckey shop
  • Buffed seismic wand
  • Fixed abusable issue with slayer tasks
  • Nerfed arane stream necklace
  • Added darklord shop to darklords
  • Darklord tokens are now stackable
  • Players streaks will be reset when switching bravek difficulty
  • Created a command to view the server ::faq
  • Corp now requires only 100k damage to receive a drop
  • Potentially fixed running through water in survivor raids
  • Removed shopkeeper from the game
  • & Many more minor fixes (I may have missed a lot in this post, if you notice any let us know)


Custom donations

Custom donations can be purchased through Smash if you're interested.




P.S. This update post was rushed. I apologies for the lack of detail and I may have left some things out. I'll try to edit this post with more detail some time during the week;






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Great job!! A delayed update that is this good, is better than a on time update that is broken!! Bug shout out to all the team that made this possible!

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great work per usual. Thank you for everything that you do

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I'm a little late to the reply party but the updates look great and the server is going well so far. Thanks for the hard work you and Smash are putting into the Server!

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