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How to write properly as a graphic designer

Hello, I'm posting some small tips when it comes to making a writing post. I posted this in off-topics because its not an actual guide its just some tips that could help bring attention to your forums posts. So I went to school for graphic design and I learned a lot of stuff regarding typography/layouts etc. So this will help you make a forums post that will catch someones eye when they read it!

First) First off I'm going to talk to you about how a person perceives text, whether it be a book, a newspaper, an article, or even a cereal box, a person is drawn to the left side of the text first. It's almost instinct to read from left to right, but did you know that you actually read in a form of zig-zag way, you go from left to right and all the way back to the left. Kinda funny if you think about it. But what I'm getting at with this part is that to grab someones eye and to make something visually appealing to someone you have to put text left that is horizontal and make sure it's aligned to the left. Centering text actually doesn't help with it comes to reading, people tend to read a lot slower on centered text and the information seems less important. That being said lets move onto the next step.

Second) So in typing if you were ever reading something that has larger text in certain areas or a bold word in a sentence, that's not a coincidence. That's actually could Hierarchy, and what that does is makes you drawn to those words. Hierarchy asserts dominance on your page, its what people tend to either read first or remember. That's why titles are generally larger than your body text. Also another way you perform Hierarchy is by giving a small sentence some color or just a few words or even just one word. The perfect way to type a post is to have 1 title, and depending how big your post will be 3-5 sub headings (subheadings are larger text than the body copy but not as large as the main title) at max and then you have your body copy.

Title, Subtitle, body text, colored

Third) Have you ever read a paragraph and when it ended, there was only 1 word on the bottom line? I will post an example below if you haven't or don't quite understand what it is. But that's actually an in-proper way to write/type, they call it the widow words, because there is generally 1-2 words left alone. It's also frowned upon in the graphic design world, and could even cost you in the work field. So you generally want to make sure the ending is done properly, it also help with it visually, it helps make your paragraph more appealing.

Examples: Alright I'm going to post a small example of a widowed word, it wont be a paragraph but it will be a very small sentence.

--Will add more later-

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