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Raid drop event

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Raid drop event.

Event date :28/6 /2020 - 5/7 /2020 2 pm UTC +2


This event is all about the survivor raids! Every week a new item will be posted in which you must obtain via a drop from raids or Npc’s.

Once you have obtained it, you post a screenshot of the announcement of the item and the time/date in which you received it and the number you want to pick.

 I will be able to look back through to confirm if you received the drop at that time or NOT! 

There will be a list with 20 numbers that will be put into the thread and every time someone receives a drop, their name will be added to the list. Once the list hits 20, or the end of the week is up, a Random Number Generated pick will choose the winners! 

There is also a static prize of 10 Ultra boxes so if you make the list, you win either way!


Please read the rules and follow them!



1. You must provide both the server announcement and time/date obtained to enter.

2. You are allowed to be on the list more than once. Each entry must be a different drop and time/date.

3. You may use whatever gear you would like.

4. You must comment your entry below. Pm's in-game or discord do not count.

5. You may only receive the required item from the raid that drops it. NO OTHER WAY COUNTS.


ITEMS TO GET IS: Incursio gear and the raid weapons.


Potential Winners:

1. Ox

2. Interesting



5. Draoder


7. Snowman

8. Born2pvm

9. Interesting




13. Draoder


15. Interesting

16. Cap







First place: 1 store box.


Second place: $30 in bonds.



Third place:$15 in bonds.



Static prize:10 Ultra boxes.



I will announce the winners in 1 week from today or when the list is full, Good luck everyone and thank you for participating.

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Posted (edited)
38 minutes ago, Interesting said:

I enter 



Gotten at approximately 06:20 server time

Oh and I want to pick 9

Edited by Draoder

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