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Store Rework + Bug Fixes 6/21/20

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Hello, I've been working on some very interesting content and I hope to edit/make a post on my development blog within the next couple of days. With this update, comes some very necessary changes. We've noticed that our donation store was very outdated and did not reflect the conditions of our economy. Which is why we've decided to not only rework prices but add new items. The rest of this update mainly consists of small bug fixes/changes. Some of which took a lot of time to rewrite existing code in the server. 


Donator Store Rework highlights:

  • Replaced Incursio with Elite Incursio to the online store
  • Replaced Justiciar with Elite Justiciar to the online store
  • Added Elite Tectonic to the online store
  • Scaled/re-evaluated prices for most items accordingly to the current economy
  • Removed various items that were pointless to keep in the store
  • Many more minor changes and adjustments were made. To see them for yourself, either visit our online store at https://athensps.org/store/ or checkout the in-game store




  • Removed NPC requirements to kill Vorago
  • Players will now need three power crystals instead of one in order to upgrade certain items (rod,  angelic, etc)
  • Potentially fixed issue with certain players being unable to login
  • Slayer boxes are now only dropped when on a Bravek task
  • Slayer boxes given from streaks now vary based on difficulty
  • Fixed bug with duo slayer allowing players to get more slayer points than they should
  • Lowered the price for upgrading power crystals to 10T
  • Fixed issue with Survivor and Vorago raids failing players that die after completing the raid
  • Fixed multiple back-end issues with both Vorago and survivor raids
  • Vote boxes now cost 150 vote points instead of 200
  • American pernix peices in the vote shop now costs 30 points each
  • Golden minigun in the vote shop now costs 100 points
  • Fixed the models for roseblood gloves


Thank you all for your patience and continued support in Athens!

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Good work Escanor, thank you and everyone that helped. Much love!

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Hi Everyone,

The Bundysoft store will be closed from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. Everything should be back to normal by Sunday night AEST.

Best regards,

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