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  1. Hi, Where am I from? I am from the UK What's my Age? 27 Hobbies: - Gaming(All games) - Traveling(Cant currently!) - Football (Chelsea Fan) - Memes Thanks Toe
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    Hi, I'm a new player I joined around 2 days ago, I just wanted to leave a little bit of feedback please see below: - Friendly staff - Quick response times for help etc - Nice community When I started I was given items from a player leaving worth lots of money, I think the Mod was name Rebel he took me to jail zone to sort out the problem, I had to give all the items I got to him. I did feel a little uneasy like I did something wrong as I had no idea of the worth of the items. The situation was sorted pretty quickly and I could start playing the server again. I have had no interactions with administrators so I cannot leave any feedback on them. Thanks Toe!
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