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  1. Team 194, conor, Zac 10 prestige lamp from pc https://imgur.com/V1zio9c
  2. Team @194, @conor, Zac EASY Dmg -> rmg https://imgur.com/syu7sY9 dmg drop https://imgur.com/muiqbYX Limey upg https://imgur.com/bU0wLla Rod -> dr boots https://imgur.com/1PUeVRf Rod Drop https://imgur.com/h5Cv9hO HF S Sword drop https://imgur.com/JPw575o HF Battlestaff https://imgur.com/AwnnuaO Frost minigun https://imgur.com/olRTHGk Completion so far: https://imgur.com/R54WsXY MED Rmg -> 25 https://imgur.com/QdBsbTj Overload -> overload I https://imgur.com/6cQTCpx Completion: https://imgur.com/xh9xvHo HARD Power crystal -> upg https://imgur.com/QM0K1Ye Completion: https://imgur.com/Pa2fVlX
  3. Community/Staff Manager Draoder Doing an amazing job, the staff team has had loads of changes recently, not only in the acutal team itself but how they conduct themselves in-game. Global Administrator Interesting Haven't seen interesting around much, however I assume he is more behind the scenes, working hard on the new update. Snowman I haven't seen snowman on too often, I assume because of timezones/working beind the scenes. Saintjimmy Jimmy is always a pleasure to talk to and conducts himself very well in-game Event Manager Sk1l Don't really need to say much, as it's pretty obvious - sk1l has been smashing the events, especially coming up with new ideas as shown by yesterdays slayer event. Keep it up man. Administrators Godzilla Good, informative content being made for the game. Artemis Arte has been going at it on the forums, and is doing an amazing job - with forums being a bit niche nowadays, this job is even harder, yet Arte is hitting it head on. Very impressed. Nate Nate is doing a great job working alongside arte, staying ontop of the requests and other posts on the forums. Blitz Haven't seen blitz on, I assume as per the others - he is more behind the scenes. Munjeezy Munj always keeps an eye out on chat - and if pm'd, will always have a decent conversation with you - amazing community spirit from this guy. Trial Administrators Global Moderator Infamouspkz Haven't really managed to speak to infamous, he buys in-names and always has cash for the players that sell them to him - I do know he does advise them aswell on how to spend the cash. Lindgren Lind is the homie and a staple character in the community. Doing a great job. Trial Global Moderator Vault Vault is doing a great job as a Global mod, is always available to help whenever required. Veng Veng is also doing an amazing job as a Global mod, have seen him helping a lot in FC. Moderator Cashapp Haven't seen cashapp but I do know he's working on behind the scenes. Rebel Rebel been active in the FC and doing great work helping people. Trial Moderator Gareth Gareth is the homie, top class member of the community, can take a joke, be informative and enforces rules well. Can't say much more than he is top class. Yogi Bear Can't say much else apart from he's doing a great job, interacting in-game and on discord. Server Support Ogre Ogre has been working on the wiki from what I understand, which is amazing for the server to have. Great job mate. Leo Leo is a classic staple community guy, couldn't ask more - is active and makes himself known in-game. Doing a great job. V 3 N U M V 3 N U M always seen grinding hard, doing a great job interacting in game and has redone the price guide - although I did prefer Arte's layout 😛 but that's just me, still did a great job. Thedoncaban Don is doing gods work, genuinely not seen more enthusiasm to help other people from another person on any server I've played. He has set the bar high, and I believe people who would like to go into the staff role should look up to him, and his fellow colleagues in the team should definitely make sure they're trying to match this. * Staff of the month * Artemis Having one of the hardest jobs community wise - I believe he is smashing it and this needs to be recognised.
  4. How did you find out about Athensps: Draoder What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Kill antmen What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Crystal helm kek What is your favourite item in-game: 7ds staff What number have you chosen: 59
  5. Never shaded so much in my life lmao. Glgl to everyone entering - yall putting the standards high. Big love, Bigzy (Zac)
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