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  1. https://gyazo.com/1c1861c2d07fe1596431c528d7212370
  2. Community/Staff Manager Draoder -He is very helpfull when he is online! He never misses a personal message and always answers them. I think he is busy man handeling OSRS deals,discord and and basicly everything els as well! But he is doing it very well! Global Administrator Interesting-Haven't seen him online a lot,but when he is online he is helping everyone. Snowman-Snowman is a kind of dude who is chill untill you say something that you should not have said, but he is always treating community with lots of youtube bosses when we reach the vote boss. Saintjimmy-This dude and his RNG! XD But also very suportive member of the staff group. Event Manager Sk1l-His events are awesome. But if you do not do what he says then event is stoped because he gets mad! And also if you are bored you can ask Sk1l for a movie night on discord. Administrators Godzilla-Can't imagine anyone telling something bad about Godzilla. He is handeling youtube,real life job and staff members job,that is unbelivable. He is my favorit of all! Artemis-is allways chilling with dudes on help cc. Can't say nothing bad about him. Nate-Always helping everyone with vote problems and discord ranks. When he is online that gets handle real quick. Blitz-Good administrator does what he needs to do does alot behind the scenes which is great for athens. Trial Administrators Munjeezy-He should be called market manager,because if you need something in game, there is 80% chance that he has it and is willing to sell it for decent price. Global Moderator Freaxx99-I think i have dealt with Freaxx99 once or something, And he sorted things for me. Trial Global Moderator Infamouspkz-You are the first staff member I've spoken to when I joined Athens & also helped me a few times. Moderator Vault-I see you alot in help cc & help players alot so good job! Lindgren-Another great staff member, always see him helping out in the chat, goes out of his way to help players and give them information! Fury-Very friendly and helps out and you can ask alot of stuff and wont get annoyed very relexed. Veng-Always helpign in cc hasnt helped me yet but sure he will if i need it. Cashapp-Very helpful in CC haven't had my contact however has been helpful when we have a problems. Trial Moderator Server Support Castiel-Super help full and always giving out the info that was asked. Rebel-Great, Helpfull and friendly! Yogi Bear-Was one of the first people that helped me when i first started, Very informative and supportive. Ogre-Great guy, always helpful in the cc, and always there for new players, my timezone overlaps his so we meet a few hours in game. Jack Scratch-Think i have met you a couple of times, but never rude, always helpful and has some tips. Trial Server Support Leo-havent seen him in game yet ( time zone difference maybe) Gareth-havent seen him in game yet ( time zone difference maybe) * Staff of the month * Saintjimmy for sure.
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