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  1. I could agree with this suggestion.
  2. I think overall I look at this idea every time I look to change abyss, I just tend to believe it'd be really costly so therefore i'm not sure how many people would do that.
  3. This could be qol but it'd definitely be a toggle because that's a lot of spam.
  4. We've done this previously. This has failed to be the case, as people have an abundance of cash. This isn't really something that will work exactly. I don't think it's advised to do this. It just kind of is bad overall. What you're then going to do is see a lot of inflation for example omni prayer scroll may be 300Q or 400Q.
  5. This is something we can push towards for QOL in the future. We've been thinking of just adding ::pzone2 etc.
  6. Hope you guys all enjoy this game mode, and we can see what types of changes we can improve and make this a regularly scheduled competition.
  7. I really like this suggestion and we're working on a bunch of back end qol type updates in the coming future. This may be something you can see soon.
  8. There are currently some customs that have been emptied from the eco that are now currently up for sale. The following customs are purchasable for $200 each, in regards to stats, they will mirror an item that you have to trade in for the stats. In-names are not applicable to these items.
  9. That's obtainable via corrupted upgrader and it does what you're requesting.
  10. There's going to be something coming in the future that will change this, raids cape itself will not get a buff however, there will be something coming up in the future.
  11. There's going to be something for this hopefully relatively soon.
  12. Are you talking about the "green" achievements thing? That'll be changed in the future, not really and essential thing at the moment but yeah.
  13. How is it dead when you need the prestige lamps, most people do not wish to just sit there and click lamps all day. Pest Control is always farmed on double pest. You just have yet to see it I assume.
  14. You forget the fact that you can just obtain bonds in general. There's so many other things you could worry about than this. The fact that 10 prestige lamps are there. The fact that infinite overload is just a small part of the game in general.
  15. Update time, This is one of the largest updates we have ever done, introducing pet fusion, and an updated Pest control. Pet fusion Blood hound pet Elite (30% dr) Pet Shaman Defender Elite (30% dr) Pet Hulk Elite (40% dr) Darklord Pet Superior (40% dr) Lucid Warrior Superior (45% dr) Oreo Pet Superior (50% dr) Angelic Pet Superior (55% dr) Easter bunny Superior (100% dr) Custom Void Pet Eliete (75% dr) Vorki Superior (120% dr) Zami Superior (120% dr) Greater K'ril Superior (120% dr) Infected Brute Superior (110% dr) Vorago Pet Superior (110% dr) Mini Mimic Superior (300% dr) Vindictive Pet (150% dr) Omni Pet (180% dr) New 7ds items $1000 donation pm Smash for details. War Hammer Gideon (150% dr) Spirit Spear Chastiefol (150% dr) Holy Staff Courechouse (150% dr) Demon Sword Lostvayne (150% dr) Added new Owner items These owner items are only obtainable through Smash. Added Owner helm (100% dr) $2500 Added Owner santa (150% dr) $3500 Added Owner platebody (150% dr) $3000 Added Owner platelegs (150% dr) $3000 Owner set Owner set with Owner santa New Upgrades Hope sword into $50 bond New Forges Custom Void elite set Godly Shield (50% dr) - This can be forged by combining two angelic elite shields Godly Hell Defender (50% dr) - New BIS shield, combine Godly shield and Texturized Hell Defender 200% Drop Rate Scroll-Obtainable from donating, or combining 100% dr scroll and 50% dr scroll Note (you have a 40% chance at forging) Store reworks Donator Store Slayer Store Pest Control Store You only need 1 Void Crystal to upgrade item pieces. These are different from normal power crystals and are only obtained through Pest Control. Trivia Point Store Vote Point Store Boss Point Store Loyalty Point Store Slayer Superiors Easy Medium Hard Added 2 new boxes GoodieBag Boxes are claimed after you have pm'd 'Smash' on discord $50 GoodieBag Box $100 GoodieBag Box Buffed all boxes Reworked Bravek's Caskets Reworked Infernal Boxes Buffed all $1 boxes Added K'ril Head to K'ril Melee box Added Greater K'ril Pet to K'ril Melee box Added 3x $50 bond to K'ril Melee box Added 5x $50 bond to K'ril Melee box Added Zamy Head to K'ril Magic box Added Zami Pet to K'ril Magic box Added 3x $50 bond to K'ril Magic box Added 5x $50 bond to K'ril Magic box Added Vorkath Head to Vorkath box Added Vorki to Vorkath box Added 3x $50 bond to Vorkath box Added 5x $50 bond to Vorkath box Added $10 bond to Survivor box Added Infected Brute Pet to Survivor box Added $10 bond to Seismic box Added $50 bond to Seismic box Added Tectonic elite set to Seismic box Added Vorago Pet to Seismic box Added $10 bond to Owner box Added 5x Owner dart to Owner box Added 10x Owner dart to Owner box Seismic buffs Buffed Seismic bow Buffed Seismic Bow (u) Buffed Seismic Maul Buffed Seismic Maul (u) New Donator Benefits Deluxe + get ::freecash, this will give you small cash caskets You can receive cash caskets anywhere from 1 to 2500 Legendary+ will see a portal upon arriving to their donator zone, we've now separated certain npcs Added more Slayer points for VIP's Other changes Fixed 1b shop Changed pets to not be aggresive Changed defences on Vorkath / Zamorak / Greater K'ril Announcements for lower tier items are now removed Upgrades for lower tier items are now removed Fixed double drops on Texturized Sigil and Hellfire Shadow Sword Fixed double drops on Electric staff Added Magic and Range prayer scrolls These are $400 via Smash for now will be obtainable in game later. Range prayer scroll gives 25% ranged damage Magic prayer scroll gives 25% magic damage Updated Slot Machine rewards
  16. Oo Finally another Aussie for Sanido.
  17. We have been looking into a proper option for this, and it will be implemented when we come to an agreement.
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