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  1. Looks dope my bruddah.
  2. Oo Finally another Aussie for Sanido.
  3. --- Custom Donations - Info and Prices --- Base cost of a custom - $150 USD - Basic custom (Recolor OSRS/317 Item) Full Custom Item (No Texture) - $250 - Custom designed to your specifications (Color, style, made from a picture. You tell us what you want you get it) Full Custom Item (Textured) - $300 - Custom designed to your specifications (Color, style, texture, made from a picture. You tell us what you want you get it) Textured Base Custom - $200 - Basic Custom with a texture (can be partial or full texture) Textured Custom with a custom made texture - $250 - Custom made texture of your choice (can be partial or full texture) Add 100 Drop Rate - $500 USD - Added 100% Drop Rate on you Custom (on top of custom price to add Drop Rate to your custom) To get Stats of an item (Trade a item to get the stats from it, Staff for Staff etc. OR Donate enough for the item you want the stats from.) All Customs come with a rename of your choice (without racism / sexism / obscenities) If you have any questions pm me on discord! Smash#6968
  4. Smash

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  5. Of course brother. Anything we can do to help people!
  6. We have been looking into a proper option for this, and it will be implemented when we come to an agreement.
  7. This is being taken care of soon.
  8. You're saying claim all instead of x?
  9. Will be looked at for one of the QOL updates.
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