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  2. Of course brother. Anything we can do to help people!
  3. We have been looking into a proper option for this, and it will be implemented when we come to an agreement.
  4. This is being taken care of soon.
  5. You're saying claim all instead of x?
  6. Will be looked at for one of the QOL updates.
  7. This thread has been resolved as we are currently polling gambling. Locked.
  8. Nice great to see people influencing each other.
  9. Note for Staff Feedback, Put as much effort into as possible. If you post the staff feedback with more in depth you may have a chance to be rolled onto a raffle.
  10. Locked as it's been solved.
  11. If you still have this issue then you can simply ::forgotpass acc name Locked.
  12. Locked as this is already taken care of
  13. I would like to see your account have more time played in game, as well as you only typed 131 words on "Why you want to be a staff member" as of right now. Sorry for now i'm going to take a pass.
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