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  1. You can count me in, if you wanna squad up PM me ingame or DM me on discord @ Logan XD#1023
  2. Just had a bit of fun lately, did a few banners, logos, etc. For any inquiries, DM me on discord @ Logan XD#1023
  3. How did you find out about Athensps: Through one of my mate's (PrincesPeach) What is your favourite thing to do in-game: I'd say the global bosses are fun af, duo slayer & vorkath obviously haha What is the best drop you have ever gotten: I'd say it's an angelic helm lol, no good rng on the game :c What is your favourite item in-game: I'd say the Seismic maul (u) looks insane What number have you chosen: 29
  4. Definitely gonna be joining in, I love those kind of events! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE 😀
  5. Community/Staff Manager Draoder I'll be honest, I haven't been able to have the chance to really chat with Draoder himself, he did seem like a really nice & genuine person though. Global Administrator Interesting I haven't been able to have the chance to chat with Interesting either, I know he's more of a BTS sorta staff member, but I do wanna mention, I appreciate everything you do for the server & us, the community. Snowman Such a nub. Na just kidding, very kind soul, very nice man, helped me out quite a few times, much love. Saintjimmy Same as Snowman, very nice person, Jimmy has helped me in the past aswell, appreciate you my man. Event Manager Sk1l The best movie streamer ever <3. A lot of events have been hosted by him lately & I appreciate it a lot. Much love brotha, you helped me get started on here. Administrators Godzilla The manz himself, had the chance to chat with him very often, including on stream, great man, very genuine, isn't scared to post up his opinion on situations. Much love & please, let me win giveaways on your streams l0l. Artemis Nubhead. Just kidding, haven't had the chance to chat too much with ya, but overall very helpful person, a grindmaster aswell 😉 Nate Didn't see him online often, might've been cause we're opposite timezones or what so ever, would love to talk to ya in-game or on discord 😛 Blitz Never seen him online or on discord, might be cause I'm fairly new to the game. Trial Administrators Munjeezy Great jokester, much love to ya buddy, helps a lot in-game, I can vouch 😉 Global Moderator Freaxx99 Never seen in-game or on discord, probably cause I'm too new 😛 Trial Global Moderator Infamouspkz Great man, opinionated, isn't scared of what people think, did a few giveaways accompanied by Sk1l, appreciate it my man. Moderator Vault Very active & helpful, much love to ya buddy. Lindgren Never seen online, probably cause I'm too fresh to this game haha Fury Haven't really seen him in-game or on discord, I hope I get to meet ya soon enough Veng Helps a ton, every single day I see him online, great man. Much love Cashapp Haven't really had the chance to talk to him, hope we get to meet each other & know a bit more bout each other some time soon 🙂 Trial Moderator Server Support Castiel Never seen in-game Rebel Very active, proves a lot of his qualities such as integrity into the community. Yogi Bear Haven't really seen ingame Ogre Never seen in-game or in discord Jack Scratch A grindmaster aswell, helps around a lot lately, much love bud. Trial Server Support Leo Haven't really talked to em ingame Gareth Haven't really talked to em ingame * Staff of the month * I would have to give the SOTM reward either to Godzilla or Sk1l, both have been very very very active even though they are very busy & also, lots of that merit has to be cause they are wholesome fun time & their contribution to the community/game.
  6. Hey there fellas, I'd like to thank every single staff member in this team. I've joined Athens about a week & a half ago, you guys made my gameplay way more interesting & I don't get bored cause of you guys. I've played a lot of servers since 2012 & Athens has the most interactive staff team I've seen in a god damn while. Keep up the great work & have a nice rest of your day y'all ! Logan XD
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