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  1. Athens Starter Guide 1. Starting your account This is the gear you start with on Athens, make use of the starter gear specifically the starter staff as a weapon. Some small tips 1. You can teleport around the game by using the teleport button next to the world map 2. Clicking the cog in the quest tab gives you a lot of good information and help This gives you access to the starter tasks and npc tasks which would definitely be worth doing along with possible loot which is a good way of seeing what kind of loot you can get from boxes/raids. 2. The slot machine can be used daily and resets at 00:00 server time and can be found at ::gkey and right clicking the gambler. This is some of the loot you can get and the amount of spins you get per day increases as your donator rank increases, bonds come easy later on so don't worry about that just yet. 3. You can buy food and potions from the nurse at home 4. Sell any junk you get to the 1b shop at ::gkey 5. You can use the upgrade stone south of home to upgrade/forge items 2. Getting some stats To get some combat stats definitely go to ::train and run south to kill the untouchables as they're a requirement to kill other monsters later on in the game and definitely bring some food because we won't have soul split just yet. Once we have all 99 combat stats killing untouchables we should have a few mystery boxes, open those and use the bones from the mystery boxes on the altar at ::altars Now you have 92 prayer from killing untouchables and opening the mystery boxes you can pray at the chaos altar to change your prayer book to unlock soul split which will be your best friend in Athens. 3. Getting a better weapon (Optional) An easy way to get a better staff is by doing Pest Control in the teleport menu minigame section, especially if it's double PC points. You can get 20 points per game so 13 games and you'll have the Void Staff. You can stick with the Starter Staff but the Void Staff is a good bit better. 4. Making some cash Now that we have some decent stats and gear we can start doing slayer by clicking the slayer skill and selecting a slayer master you can choose Vannaka and head north of home to get started. Doing slayer will get you slayer boxes which when opened have a good chance at making you some cash the drop rate on the slayer boxes depends on how high the monsters hp you are killing is, you can sell the drops in the player owned shop at home. Loot from 20 Slayer Boxes Selling the loot from above got me 4961 1B Tickets which is enough for us to grab ourselves a Collectors Necklace which picks up all your drops, I bought mine from the player owned shop (POS) for 780b or you can buy from the 1B shop at ::gkey for 1T (1000 1b tickets) Now continue to grind a bit of slayer for slayer boxes/superior spawns (a superior monster will spawn at a random chance per kill) which will give a chunk of slayer boxes or other good rewards and will make you a solid amount of cash. You can also work through getting the requirements for some monsters in the teleport tab by trying to teleport to the ones with a lock icon next to them you can see what the reqs are, this will unlock them for slayer. 4. Even better gear We want some better gear now so the easiest way to get rid of our starter gear is by upgrading to some oreo armour which you can find in the POS or 1B shop You might notice we're missing a ring the best one to get for now is a Ring of Devotion which is dropped by Tokash or buy from 1b shop/POS it gives good stats and the main benefit is it gives a 50% drop rate bonus. 4. More cash We should be set to power through slayer tasks now and have some other monsters unlocked by getting through some requirements in the teleport menu and can even change to Duradel slayer master. The slayer boxes and superiors should be building you up a decent cash stack now. 5. Upgrading gear We can upgrade certain pieces of armour like the collectors necklace and ring of devotion plus a few others but they come a bit later on. There are power crystals that you can get that are specific to the 3 types of combat styles, because we're using mage as it's much better early game we should now get 3 power crystals (magic) which can be gotten from (Slayer Boxes, Supreme Boxes, POS) and use them on the ring of devotion, this will turn it into a ring of devotion (magic) and give an extra 5% magic damage which is a big boost. You can do the same thing with the collectors necklace but there's an extra step We need a ring of devotion, collectors necklace and a sinew (buy from pos) use the sinew on the ring of devotion with a collectors necklace and it has a 50% chance of failing but you only lose the sinew so just try again. Once we have the collectors necklace (i) you can use 3 power crystals (magic) on that to turn it into the mage version which give another 5% magic damage. 6. Combat prestige You can prestige your combat level in order to unlock new monsters like the Angelic warriors which is actually our next armour goal, in order to prestige you need 99 in the following stats (Attack, Strength, Defence, Magic, Range, Hitpoints, Summoning and Dungeoneering) I would recommend using a 99 lamp on summoning and dungeoneering as they're easy to get by upgrading dragonkin lamps from mystery boxes which you should have a decent amount of by now. The upgrade stone is found south of home and is where you will upgrade all your items You can upgrade dragonkin lamps into 99 lamps for 50 1b tickets at a 25% chance of success Having a decent prestige level is useful as you unlock angelic warriors at 3 prestige and the bigger bosses at 20 prestige (K'ril and Zamorak) 7. Donator store/Bonds An important part of the game is bonds, you can get these by upgrading limey bows/rainbow miniguns at the upgrade stone. Limey bows can be gotten from ultra boxes or the POS and rainbow miniguns can be upgraded from a dragon minigun which you get a good bit from slayer and can buy them from the slayer shop using slayer points. Bonds give you donator rank which has many benefits you can see here and also give donator points at 60% the value of the bond ($10 bond when redeemed will give 6 donator points) You can spend these points at the donator shop at ::shops. Buying the unlimited prayer scroll should be top priority as you don't need to worry about prayer points anymore. 8. More gear upgrades The next thing we want to do is upgrade our weapon, it's been a while. The best weapon to get would be an electric battlestaff which will be a big upgrade to Theres more upgrades we can go after now that being Ring of Devotion (elite) and Collector necklace (elite) this is done by getting the 3 different types of Ring of Devotion/Collectors necklace. Once you have the Melee, Range and Magic version you can use the upgrade stone and forge the elite version which gives slightly more drop rate and 10% magic damage instead of 5% Now the armour needs to be improved a bit, the next best thing would be to go for angelic armour. You can try your luck at killing angelics to get pieces or buy from POS The angelic armour also can be changed into the magic variant so definitely use 3 power crystals (magic) on them to give an extra 5% damage for each piece. Can also grab some 50% dr increasing boots and upgrade them to the elite version for another 10% magic damage Another important item is the infinite overload which you can buy from the Donator shop at ::shops the darklord shop at the darklord teleport for 12 darklord tokens or pest control. You can even upgrade it in the upgrader to make it give extra boosts to range/magic and won't have to actually drink it anymore. To be continued..
  2. Please use CTRL + F to search for your question Feel free to PM me on discord/in-game on anything you'd like to see added here. Where is the upgrader? The upgrader is south of home Where are the slayer masters? Slayer masters are north of home How do I teleport around? Use the teleport button beside the minimap How do I make a collectors necklace (i) To make a collectors necklace (i) you need to use a sinew (found from afk trees at ::afk or the trees at ::iron) on a ring of devotion with a collector necklace in your inventory. Where is the spot at home for the task/clue What ammo does the minigun use? You can use atrox shots from ammo boxes from ::afk or you can use handcannon shots from the range shop at ::shops Where do you get tools to start ::afk You can get any tools from bob at ::shops How do you do duo slayer? type ::slayergem and use the gem on another player Why didn't I receive a vote scroll Any issues with votes you can use ::discord and post a screenshot of you voting including the time on your pc Where are the player owned shops? The POS is located at the centre of home What do I do with crystal/golden keys? Crystal keys can be used at ::ckey and golden keys can be used at ::gkey Where do I sell all my junk items You can sell all your junk items at the 1B store at ::shops Where can I buy food/potions You can buy food/potions at the healer at home How does treasure hunter work? View this thread by Rebel Where is the slot machine? Right click the gambler at ::gkey What weapons should I work towards View this thread by Artemis What armour should I work towards View this thread by Draoder
  3. How did you find out about Athensps: Didy's videos What is your favourite thing to do in-game: Vorkath and slayer What is the best drop you have ever gotten: Vorkath C'bow What is your favourite item in-game: Vorkath slayer helm What number have you chosen: 62
  4. The infinite overload (i) is an end game item it shouldn't be easy to get and you don't even need to focus on just getting it it'll come with time through donation points or vote points or slayer by killing darklords, you've been very unlucky upgrading it i agree that doesn't seem fair but it's the way rng works. Obviously Wolf knows more than us about balance so they can decide the best solution.
  5. Theres a suggestion format posted by Nate using that only helps your suggestion, in my opinion pest control is perfect the way it is you can get the infinite overload many different ways. Vote shop for 7500 voting points Donation shop for 50 points. upgrade 5 limeys and you've got it. Darklord shop for 12 tokens
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