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  1. It all started when Godzilla met Mickey. It was love at first sight. When Godzilla first laid his eyes on Mickey his heart was racing as if he was doing a 10 bill stake on OSRS. He then asked Mickey out on a date. Their first date was located in Godzilla’s moms basement where they both played Athens together getting all sweaty camping Vorago. The suspense from killing Vorago was getting Mickey horny and they finally did the nasty... The irreversible sin which had consequence. A couple weeks later Mickey had the inevitable bulk of bad news to tell Godzilla: He was pregnant. A bigger heart drop than getting ddosed in the duel area set in on Godzillas soul. He realized Athens n chill was not the best move. -9 MONTHS LATER- Its a boy!! The slayer of Athens Mr. Didy was born with one purpose in this life and it is to make his Ironman on Athens #1! Sadly for Didy his aspirations for life is only Athens and bong rips in his shed right outside of his fathers (Godzillas) moms house. Luckily Didy was born a pure brute solely off the genetics of his other father Mickey. For each of his birthdays His fathers saved up $10 bonds to give him making him the best he could ever be. He realized life with his 2 dads could never get any better. All three of them lived oh so happy in the safety of the basement and continued to grind Athens for the end of eternity.
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